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Test Taking Strategies


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TOEFL iBT is a test that may shape your future. Should you get a good score on it and enter the university you belong to or should you fail to cross the line? For this reason, it is extremely important to devote time and resources and do your best to prepare for TOEFL iBT. In this section we have prepared some tips that may help you throughout your preparation process and also during the test itself. You can first read the general tips and then you can read the listed component-specific tips for each of the TOEFL iBT sections. We suggest that you allot some time and read them.

General TOEFL iBT Test Taking Tips

• It is important that you have sound knowledge of English before starting your TOEFL iBT preparation. The higher your English entrance level is the higher result can be expected at the exam. The entrance level for TOEFL iBT should be minimum General Advanced English Level or higher.

• Allow enough time for your TOEFL iBT preparation. Begin it immediately after you decide to take the exam.

• Develop a study program and follow it. Study at regular basis (every day). Do not try to learn everything right before the exam. It is not going to work.

• Try to immerse into English. Watch English TV (American would be better), movies, listen to English radios, read variety of English texts. Those are all good reading and listening comprehension skills. Speak and write in English as much as you can. Even speak to yourself in front of the mirror. It is a good way to improve your fluency.

• Improve vocabulary. You will need it at each stage of TOEFL iBT and even more at the university. Systematically add new words to your wordlist. Try to memorize them and, more importantly, use them when speaking or writing.

• Identify your weak areas and work harder to improve them. For example, if you feel your weakest skill is writing, start writing more than you did until now. Try to write in English, even your thoughts. For the speaking, Think Aloud is a good strategy.

• Since the time is a major problem for almost all students taking TOEFL iBT, try to lessen the time for certain tasks day after day. Be effective at time management.

• Learn to listen and read the instructions provided before each of the TOEFL iBT components carefully. They give important information.

• Note-taking is allowed during each TOEFL iBT section. Developing TOEFL iBT note-taking skills is of crucial importance to improve your final score. Explore our Note Taking Strategies at

• PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. The more you practice, the better. The closer your practice materials to the real TOEFL iBT Exam are, the better results can be expected. Therefore, take our Scored TOEFL iBT Practice test..

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