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fahad alanazi, United States (17/04/14)
I really felt enthusiastic when i had seen my grades improving. In addition, if you just post some explanation of the entire toefl test.

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• 18/04/14 : Reading section in Free Toefl test not scored?
Hi there, I have just tried the free Reading sample test in order to try before I ...

• 07/04/14 : about TOEFL
I would like to know if there are classes available for TOEFL exam??

• 28/03/14 : waiitng for the result
Hi Sir I am still waiting for the result of speaking and writing section that I gave yesterdya. ...

• 27/03/14 : TOEFL preparation workshop for teacher/trainers
Dear Mr or Ms I would like to know whether there's a kind of training or workshop for ...

• 20/03/14 : Unable to save my speech
I am not able continue speaking section. as i-course is not recording my speech. to Listen my self ...

TOEFL or IELTS - Which is Better?
published by Lachezar Kolev

tags: english test, ielts, toefl

origin: TOEFL or IELTS - Which is Better? (

Because universities appetite to accomplish abiding you acquire the English emphasis abilities all-important to abstraction at their school, about all institutes of college acquirements crave you to booty a analysis of English. And TOEFL and IELTS are the two added acceptable connected tests of the English language. One of the best common questions I apprehend is which analysis is easier or which analysis is better. The acknowledgment depends on what kinds of tests you excel at, as able-bodied ... (more)

'Cuts in university student quotas unavoidable'

origin: 'Cuts in university student quotas unavoidable' (

Education Minister Seo Nam-soo speaks during an interview with The Korea Times at his office in the ministry building in central Seoul, Dec. 11. Seo pledged to adjust downward the enrollment quotas for universities./ Korea Times photo by Shim Hyun-chul 
By Bahk Eun-ji  
Education Minister Seo Nam-soo pledged to adjust downward student quotas at universities nationwide in line with the falling number of students.
Seo said the number of applicants to universities will ... (more)

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