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4 Easy Tricks to Score 110 in TOEFL

published by Niki B

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origin: 4 Easy Tricks to Score 110 in TOEFL (

Scoring at least a 110 for Testing of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is not an impossible task. You simply need to start preparing early by first coming up with an effective study plan that will help you ace the test on your first try. But what exactly is the most effective way to prepare for your TOEFL? Read on for 4 easy tricks to score well for your TOEFL test.

1) Choose the best TOEFL self-help guides for you

If you are unfamiliar with TOEFL, it's important that you start becoming familiar with the test questions and structure. The best way to achieve this is simply by practising. Although this step might sound easy, you might initially feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of TOEFL self-help guides available these days. You can choose to get self-help books, CD-ROMs and even tapes. Don't be easily swayed by advertising or nice covers. Take some time to think about which method will best help you absorb information. For example, if you get motion sickness easily from reading books on the bus or train, you might want to consider getting tapes so you can listen to them when you are travelling from one place to the other.

2) Consider enrolling in a preparation course

Taking up a TOEFL preparation course will definitely cost a lot more than simply getting some self-help guides. However, the help given during your prep course is generally more effective and valuable. This is because you'll have the opportunity to personally raise any doubts or questions you have regarding a particular question. However, before immediately signing up for the cheapest prep course in town, ensure that your teacher is familiar with the TOEFL test and he or she can explain answers to difficult questions in a way that you can understand. Consider asking the school for permission to observe the class before signing up.

3) Learn some strategies to save time

You will see such similar answer choices often in TOEFL:
A) to destroy
B) destroying
C) destroyed
D) was destroyed
When you see such a question, take note that 90% of the time, the answer is either B or C. Since TOEFL generally tests on active voice (-ing form) and passive voice (-ed form), when you see both -ed form and -ing form in a set of answer choices, the answer is highly likely to be one of the two.

That is only one of the many strategies you can find out either from your prep course, or from intense practices.

4) Ask yourself if it sounds right

Everyone has the ability to think in real language without using our voice. That means that we can have a conversation in our mind as if the words have real sound. Our mind reacts to this virtual sound, not to grammar rules. In other words, we will be able to tell if a certain sentence sounds right simply by thinking it out loud.

Knowing this fact will come in very handy when you are stumped by a question. Consider taking turns substituting the choices given into the sentence and see if it sounds right. If it sounds good, more often than not, you have found the correct answer.

Although employing these four simple tricks will go far in helping you get beyond 110 for your TOEFL test, keep in mind that regular practice will always remain the key factor in acing any test.

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sehrish (27/06/10 19:57)

These tips help me

lhagva bat (29/06/10 02:43)

5 tips which given us to guide is useless i do more than you write here . but i still have problems you know it is really tough to overcome this obstacle

KAMRAN AHMAD (26/10/10 06:25)

so good tips i took 99 score

Chirag (20/07/12 03:54)

Believe me me there is much more to 110+ score.

Xrusa (27/07/12 23:46)

Hello, Good to see you(of course onnile) and hear your life.Oh, right!I missed diaspora's passworld T.TIt is ony way for you to give my stories. (Whether you want to or not. HaHa)Glad you are alive!!!

Ana (22/01/13 22:00)

I didn't study at all, and still scored 110.
I have only lived in the U.S for about an year and a half. I honestly thought I had failed right after the test. But then today the scores came out, and I had this lovingly surprise, tha I not only got a good score, but I got a FREAKING awesome score, and didn't had to study.

angel (16/02/14 04:19)

i am from afghanistan i like to learn TOEFL and i took 110 score and i go to canada my dream

arun (12/03/14 14:43)

m gud in almost all sections of this exam. but during speaking, i usually get nervous and as a result fumble
can anyone offer me some tips
i really want to get over 105

help (09/04/14 12:22)

haha ... i got 64..

noyes (28/11/14 07:28)

Susan (23/02/15 22:51)

Very nice. I got 108

Sara (13/04/15 05:01)

hahha ....... I got 110..... so happy

Madhu (11/06/15 20:14)

hi friends....I'm also preparing TOEFL, I need u r suggestions , tell me some tips n tricks.
thanks in advance

Ortiz (31/07/15 08:15)

friends im going to take the toefl the 7th of this month and in the course im in i think its not helping me at all, so can you guys that have scored really high give me some tips and tricks on how to score that high??

pappu (27/08/15 04:29)

I got 1 in toefl... how could I?????

Habib Orizi (12/10/16 07:34)

hello , I am very thankful for these kind of tips , I got 113 in TOEFL and am more than happy.

xhenxhil filxhani (12/10/16 07:35)

I got 78 , I am dissapointed

Denis Krasniqi (12/10/16 07:37)

Hello I got 118 in TOEFL just by listening to these tips, I am very thankful and jau han motren mofo for this help

Aulon rexhepi (12/10/16 07:42)

Hi guys i score 10 in toefl there are very bad tips here , my family beaten me to death i was dying ....

Aqif (12/10/16 07:46)

I did two TOEFL tests, the first test i scored 0, then i was unhappy with my score so i searched for tricks, i found this and i scored 25. IM VERY HAPPY

Aulon rexhepi (12/10/16 07:47)

hey guys i scored now 100 in toefl it was easy because i learned for 7 hours in a day for like 10 months now my parents love me and i love them very much... they bought me a barbie toy in store.... love you guyss

andrew (22/12/16 12:44)

done the test but scored 66, can i get help from any1 who scored high.

please drop a message for me on my email

Maxwell j. T. Weah (19/04/17 02:20)

I am getting prepare for the TOFEL test in October can anyone help me with a brief information on their experienced?

Maxwell J. T. Weah (19/04/17 02:25)

If there is any information you can inbox me on messenger or email me on For messenger or Facebook you can use my name to fine me maxwell J. T. Weah.

Shikha Singh (30/04/17 09:46)

Hello guys.. i m preparing for toefl exam in next month end of may.. though i have only one month n i am very tensioned. Please share your strategies who have scored more than 100. Pls pls pls.... i am very nervous about speaking section.
Its my email id... pls drop msg.
Thanks in advance

Iroo (18/05/17 12:20)

I got 87 in toefl, I need to get 100. Please I need tips to score higher. I entered many times the test but the score doesn't change.

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