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Welcome to i-Courses, Your TOEFL iBT Gateway!

We are delighted to present our TOEFL iBT Practice Tests and cutting age software that makes it possible to see what the real TOEFL iBT Exam is like. Our Practice iBT tests can be your mock exam.

Discover what the real test would feel like and why you should take our TOEFL iBT Practice test before taking the real iBT exam!

TOEFL iBT Reading - question explanation TOEFL iBT Speaking Feedback

TOEFL iBT Practice Tests by i-Courses

If you are about to take a TOEFL iBT test, you will find out that practice is indispensible for your preparation. Especially, practice with realistic TOEFL iBT materials. I-Courses practice tests are:

• Realistic - closely match the academic difficulty and interface functionality of the real TOEFL iBT Exam.

• Trustworthy - provide students with independent feedback and scoring in compliance with all ETS Scoring Rubrics. They are good reference point whether you are ready for the real TOEFL iBT exam.

• Educational (Smart) - After test completion, all questions in iBT Reading and iBT Listening Sections are explained in a way that helps you improve your skills. The feedback on iBT Speaking and iBT Writing Sections not only assesses your work but provides indispensible guidance on what skills you need to improve and how to do it.

TOEFL iBT Sample Test TOEFL iBT Speaking Section

How to start with TOEFL iBT Practice Online

Do not hesitate any longer; your future is in your hands. To start, just click enroll at the top right corner and take the free TOEFL iBT Sample test to make sure all of the stated above is real. Before starting any TOEFL Practice test, please, check your system compatibility:

Free TOEFL iBT Sample Test

The free TOEFL Sample test is a shortened version of the full iBT tests. It intends to present the functionality and academic level of our products. Sample TOEFL Reading and Listening are scored while Sample TOEFL Speaking and Sample TOEFL Writing tasks are neither scored, nor recorded. Alternatively, all tasks are scored in our full tests.

Full TOEFL Tests TOEFL iBT Reading

Full TOEFL iBT Practice Tests

Full TOEFL Tests can be done in Test Mode and Practice Mode.

Full tests in Test Mode realistically represent the real TOEFL iBT exam, which means:

- The order of the sections is preset, TOEFL Reading-Listening-Speaking-Writing.

- Each TOEFL section is timed - once the time is up, the system moves to the next section automatically.

Full TOEFL tests in Practice Mode provide more freedom, which means:

- You can practice separate TOEFL iBT sections, you can buy and do TOEFL Speaking or any other section which you need additional practice in.

- You can do each section one by one or change the order of the sections.

- In TOEFL Reading and Listening sections, you can continue answering the questions after the time for the particular section is over.

Remember, you need to decide what Mode you prefer before you start the test, because once you choose Practice mode, you can't change it to Test Mode and vice versa.

TOEFL Reading

TOEFL iBT Reading Section

The Reading section in TOEFL iBT comprises of 3 passages with 12-14 questions each. Make sure you read the directions carefully before you click on Continue. The first text will show up on the right side of your screen. There may be words colored in orange in the text. Click on the word and there will be a short explanation of that word. When you are ready with the reading, click next. The first question will show up on the left. Choose your answer and click next to proceed to the next question. Some of the questions refer to a specific word, sentence or paragraph into the text. Those parts are highlighted. In each reading one question requires to drag and drop a sentence or a table completion. The top menu shows which question you are currently answering, the time remaining and some testing tools. The review tool gives you an overview on which questions are answered and which are not. You may directly go to a particular question from there.

TOEFL iBT Listening Section

The Listening section in TOEFL iBT comprises of 4 lectures and 2 conversations divided into two separately timed parts. Read carefully the section directions. You may also adjust the volume following the instructions. After you hear the lecture or conversation the questions are presented on the following screen. All questions are both written and spoken. Bear in mind that after choosing your preferred answer and marking it, you have to click Next first and then OK in order to proceed to the next question. This double confirmation is required as once you go to the next questions, you cannot go back and review already answered questions. In some of the questions you will listen again to information from the lecture or conversation. There are also questions that ask for table completion or questions where you need to choose two answers. There is proper instruction in each question. Top menu is organized in the same way as in the reading section to provide some real time information.

TOEFL iBT Speaking Section

TOEFL Speaking Section includes 6 tasks. Listen carefully to the instructions. When the instructions end there will be an Adobe Flash Player Settings pop-up applet that asks you to allow access to your microphone. Make sure you click on allow, otherwise your responses will not be recorded and we will not be able to provide scoring or feedback. We strongly advice that you use the recording tools to ensure your microphone is working properly after you allow access to your microphone. Click on record! Say something into the microphone! Click Stop! Click Play! You should hear your voice loud and clear.

You can both read and listen to the questions. Preparation time and response time are shown right below the question. A count-down is displayed on the top menu. You may also change the volume. Don't forget that only the first two questions are independent, which means you see a question, you have time to think and then you start your response. The rest are integrated speaking tasks. In your response you will have to combine information from various sources - reading and listening for questions 3 and 4 and only listening for questions 5 and 6.

TOEFL iBT Writing Section

The last section is TOEFL iBT Writing. Again you have detailed section directions and separate directions to each writing task. When the question is given, you will have a place where to write your response. The remaining time for completing the particular task is shown on the top menu. There are some other tools to help in your writing. Cut, Copy and Paste button right above the writing box and word count to control the length of your essays.

TOEFL Practice Result Delivery

When you finish the iBT test, do not hurry to exit the applet. You will miss the opportunity to have feedback on your TOEFL Reading and Listening sections. The results from the Reading and Listening sections are shown immediately. First you see the general results - how many questions are answered correctly, how many incorrectly or partially correctly and how many are not answered plus the total score for the section. By clicking on a certain question in the list, you can enter the section again and see an explanation why a certain answer choice is correct.

You also have a skill report. For each particular skill you are shown how successful you have been. It is important in order to structure your preparation around your week points and thus improve your results. Skill report is also available in your account even after you exit the applet.

TOEFL Speaking and Writing tasks are scored within 24 hours after test completion. You receive your result and feedback on your personal account in

TOEFL Mini Tests

Mini TOEFL iBT tests have generally the same way of completion as the full TOEFL tests. The main difference is that they are a shortened version of the full tests and they cover only a part of each section. They are developed for several main purposes:

Experience: if you don't want to take a full test but you need to get a taste of the real TOEFL iBT Exam.

Flexibility and time: short practice of each particular TOEFL iBT component for less time.

Reference point: check your current results or progress

Cost: lower price

We will be delighted to help with your TOEFL iBT Preparation! Just register and take what you need!

We wish you success!