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TOEFL iBT Student Generated Materials

Useful Guidelines to Study in USA Universities
published by Bojana Milosevic

tags: scholarships

origin: Useful Guidelines to Study in USA Universities (

Choose to study abroad is a beautiful experience. And foreign students studying in the USA universities expansion far-fetched experience, which is an education in itself. Students decide on to study in USA, since at this juncture they acquire a grouping of exposure. They take place in associate with various students of unique races and cultures to facilitate enhance their familiarity and thinking capacity. But earlier than available on behalf of study USA plan, it is influential to expansion ...

TOEFL: 10 tips to take you to the top
published by Alba Martini

tags: tips, toefl, toefl ibt

origin: TOEFL: 10 tips to take you to the top (

The TOEFL test is the most widely accepted English-language assessment used at more than 7,300 institutions in 130 countries including the UK, US and Canada. The test is divided into four sections -- Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.
Here are some pointers and resources to help you get on your way to score well for the test.

Find something interesting to read and listen to, then practice speaking and writing about it.

Listen to Podcasts, recorded lectures -- check the website of ...

TOEFL Preparation Tips – Online Information about TOEFL Coaching
published by Ijaz Attalla

tags: toefl prep, toefl strategies, toefl tips

origin: TOEFL Preparation Tips – Online Information about TOEFL Coaching (

TOEFL (Test of English as Foreign Language)
Test of English as Foreign Language is a mandatory test, required by all countries to allow nationals of different nation to reside or study in their country. The objective of this test is to check the competency and fluency of the candidate in the English language.
The TOEFL is a test that shows your level of English. The university wants to know that you know enough English to understand the courses and do well in school. Almost every university ...

Introduction to SAT GMAT and TOEFL courses ? requirement for the same
published by Nuring Huang

tags: english exams, english test, toefl

origin: Introduction to SAT GMAT and TOEFL courses ? requirement for the same (

There are many SAT online courses offered by private tutors to help you qualify the examination with good scores. Your performance on the test decides your fate for admission in US College thus, it very essential to prepare for the test well in advance. You can find Math and English online tuition for SAT preparations. These online services provide you free demo classes and assessment.
SAT is just like other standardized tests required for taking admission in American colleges formerly known ...

Setting basic criteria when selecting your college ? Part 5
published by Puteri Patel

tags: toefl

origin: Setting basic criteria when selecting your college ? Part 5 (

You may have shortlisted the best colleges based on all the criteria discussed in this series of articles on setting basic criteria when selecting your college. However, it is also important to know whether you fulfill the criteria of the college for getting selected. Each college has its own set of criteria for selecting students; however, there are some common criteria that you need to consider to narrow down your list of colleges further. This article discusses the criteria set by ...

Usage of Idioms in Standardized Exams Like Gre, Gmat, Toefl
published by Nevzat Sabanci

tags: english exams, gre, toefl test

origin: Usage of Idioms in Standardized Exams Like Gre, Gmat, Toefl (

What is an Idiom?
An idiom is an [removed]i.e. term or phrase) the meaning of which cannot be inferred from the dictionary definitions and the arrangement of its elements, but refers instead to a figurative meaning that is known only through conventional use.
This explanation is an adaptation from wikipedia. What I am concerned about is the usage of idioms and a thorough understanding of their occurrence in study abroad qualifying examinations like GRE GMAT TOEFL and SAT.
Most students who ...

TOEFL Preparation
published by Eva Tsakiri

tags: toefl ibt, toefl prep, toefl test

origin: TOEFL Preparation (

TOEFL (Test of English as a foreign language) like IELTS is a test to evaluate a student's English speaking skills. It is a standard test to measure a student's English fluency in order to communicate with his/her peers when he/she enters the academic set up of the university. Unlike GRE, TOEFL is not a computer adaptive test.
The TOEFL consists of four sections- Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing. The total score is out of 120. Every university has a minimum score requirement in order ...

Most Common Interjections for Standardized Exams Like Gre, Gmat,toefl
published by Amira Muhanny

tags: english test, gre, toefl ibt

origin: Most Common Interjections for Standardized Exams Like Gre, Gmat,toefl (

Earlier I discussed prepositions and Idioms for standardized exams. In this article I will discuss a less important but unavoidable part of speech which you will see in abundance when you take your GRE / GMAT/ TOEFL. The sentence completion and reading comprehension questions which appear in the standardized exams require you to have a good knowledge of a variety of interjections. The problem here is that, you have a huge number of interjections in vogue but only a few will be tested. Lets see ...

Important Facts About TOEFL
published by Arjuna Madgulkar

tags: toefl ibt tips, toefl speaking

origin: Important Facts About TOEFL (

More than 6,000 universities and colleges require the TOEFL scores from non-English speaking students in order to admit them to a program. The TOEFL test is administered in more than 4500 test centers.

General Overview
TOEFL stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language. The test is designed to measure the spoken and written English proficiency of non-English speaking people in an academic setting and is divided into four sections. The test is timed for each section and uses ...

Why GRE and TOEFL scores are important?
published by Eva Dawson

tags: gre, toefl test, toefl tests

origin: Why GRE and TOEFL scores are important? (

I am writing for those who are planning for higher studies. Probably the most frequent question comes to applicant’s mind is “What is most important for admission?” There is no common parameter that what I understood form my application and admission experience. For US/Canadian universities it seems applicant’s GPA, class rank (merit position), Statement of Purpose (Why interested in MS/PhD), GRE [as a standard measure for all applicants' admission test] and TOEFL for international ...