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TOEFL iBT Student Generated Materials

Never Forget These Essay Tips
published by Mahmud Ohanyan

tags: independent writing, toefl essay, toefl writing

origin: Never Forget These Essay Tips (

Many TOEFL students feel confident in their ability to speak English, but express much less confidence in their ability to write Essays. They aren’t alone! Writing an essay can be a difficult experience in your native language, never mind your second or third. Below are some simple tips to help you score your best on the independent writing section of the TOEFL exam.
Remember structure. Plan your writing before you start – a 4 to 5 paragraph essay is the best length. Remember to keep the ...

Transitions Are Your Friend
published by Chun Rai

tags: toefl writing

origin: Transitions Are Your Friend (

Another writing tip that will help you on the TOEFL writing section or when writing an academic essay. Using words and ideas to transition from one sentence to the next and one paragraph to the next will help your reader to understand you. Without transition words, your essay can make little sense.
Transitions can be accomplished through the use of transition words.
Transition words that link similar ideas include: and, as well as, in addition to, furthermore.
Words that link contrasting ...

5 Steps to Ace IELTS Listening Section
published by Azabella Marina

tags: ielts

origin: 5 Steps to Ace IELTS Listening Section (

Knowing how to read, write and speak English doesn’t necessarily translate to excellent IELTS results. You also need to understand the accents of native English speakers well, and this may be a hurdle for you if you are not in a predominantly English-speaking environment. But don’t worry, there are plenty of steps to take to ensure that you ace the listening section.

1) Be familiar with the British accent

Don’t watch Hollywood films in the hopes that it’ll help you with the IELTS ...

Steps to Writing a Good Essay
published by Wang Zheng

tags: toefl essay, toefl tests, toefl writing

origin: Steps to Writing a Good Essay (

So, predictably enough, many readers have written to me about my sample TOEFL essays, asking, “How are you such a genius? Your essays moved me to tears, brought a smile to my face, and changed my life forever with their simple but profound wisdom.”
OK, I’m exaggerating a little bit. Actually they were closer to: “You idiot! These sample essays are ok, but can’t you tell us how the heck to write an essay ourselves? What steps do we have to follow to get a good essay?”
It’s a good ...

Sample TOEFL Essay
published by Abhas Lamichhane

tags: toefl essay, toefl tests, toefl writing

origin: Sample TOEFL Essay (

This is a new idea I’ve had to help students prepare for the Written Section of the TOEFL by providing you with a sample essay. I hope to do this fairly regularly.
In my textbook once I get in online I plan do a lot of exercises on writing the essay and include more example essays including good ones, bad ones and so-so ones, but overall I think one of the biggest problems with the TOEFL Essay is that there are too many problems. Students don’t know what to write about, how to organize it, ...

Intensive and Extensive Readers
published by Kate Junquera

tags: gre, ielts, toefl

origin: Intensive and Extensive Readers (

I was recently asked by a local school to talk about using IELTS and TOEFL exercises in the classroom, not only for students preparing for those tests, but also for those who are learning general English. It was sort of a strange topic and one that was difficult to address. Usually, I think that students who are preparing for standardized English language exams are served well by both test prep courses and general English courses, but the other way around didn’t make a lot of sense to me. ...

Preparing for the tests…Work Hard and Relax !!!
published by Marketa Birasova

tags: gre, ielts, toefl study

origin: Preparing for the tests…Work Hard and Relax !!! (

Many students work really hard for their tests (SAT/GRE/GMAT/TOEFL/IELTS). But still they do not score good marks. Morever, they are unable to make out what went wrong. A very BIG reason for doing bad in the test is that they worked HARD. May be too hard. There is a whole lot of difference between working ‘hard’ and working ‘intelligent’.
It is very important to make a proper schedule for your studies and follow it properly. Break your study time into short intervals. An ideal ...

published by Junu Joshi

tags: ielts, toefl, toefl test

origin: IELTS versus TOEFL (

What is the difference between the IELTS and TOEFL? Which one should you take? This article will try to help you make that decision and give a brief intro to each test.
The IELTS test is administrated by the British Councils, the University of Cambridge, and IELTS Australia. That is to say, it is associated with the British government and traditionally was used by British universities, as well as New Zealand and Australian universities to determine the language capability of ...

Intensive and Extensive Listening
published by Madhav Sigdel

tags: listening, toefl listening

origin: Intensive and Extensive Listening (

I recently posted about Intensive and Extensive Reading and now I wanted to discuss intensive and extensive listening and how you can use TOEFL or IELTS listenings to help students learn both techniques.
In our daily life we listen both intensively and extensively. When we are listening to an announcement about an upcoming fair or the sports scores on the radio, we tend to read intensively. That is, we are listening for specific information and details: When is the fair where will it be, and ...

Intensive and Extensive Speaking
published by Reza Jahangiri

tags: speaking tips, toelf speaking

origin: Intensive and Extensive Speaking (

This is Part 3 in my series on using IELTS and TOEFL Test prep materials in general English classes, giving students practice in intensive speaking and extensive speaking. If you want to check out how I got from IELTS and TOEFL to intensive and extensive learning and read about some different reading exercises, check out part I. Part II is on Listening intensively and extensively.
The TOEFL Speaking Test mostly gives students practice in extensive speaking. Basically students are given a topic ...