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TOEFL Practice Tips From A Successful TOEFL Test Taker!

published by Mara Sargsyan

tags: tips, toefl, toefl test, (all tags)

origin: TOEFL Practice Tips From A Successful TOEFL Test Taker! (

You know that feeling you get right before a big holiday, your birthday, or the day of that vacation you've been looking forward to for months?
Well, that's the same feeling I got when I tore open that official-looking envelope and learned that I had passed the TOEFL Test .  I felt like I could jump over tall buildings.  Leap higher than an airplane.  Heck, I felt so elated, I broke down and did a little dance right there in view of all of my neighbors!
If you're gearing up for TOEFL prep for the TOEFL test, then you know it's not just about passing the actual exam – it's about the world of educational opportunities that have opened up to you. All of those coveted English-speaking universities suddenly become real possibilities…
…Especially now that you've overcome your biggest challenge: the TOEFL test!
Before You Get That TOEFL Test Feeling, There's This…
Okay, okay.  I know you're ready to experience the same elation that I felt when I realized that I had passed my Test of English as a Foreign Language.
But before you can get there, you have to contend with a few obstacles.  And they're not just tiny obstacles, either.  I'm talking about huge hurdles that can make or break your future at an English-speaking university…
…And these hurdles will show up right in the beginning of your TOEFL practice.
Whether you're just using a simple TOEFL study guide or are gearing up for a complex TOEFL study course, you need to learn how to nip these problems in the bud – fast.  And because English can be a really tough language to learn (it took me six years and counting!), you need the kind of tips that expedite your TOEFL prep.
And guess what?  That's exactly what I've got in store for you.
The TOEFL Practice Tips You Didn't Find in That TOEFL Study Guide
These are tried-and-true TOEFL practice tips that I personally used to pass my test.  Use them yourself, and you'll understand just how powerful these techniques really are!
During your TOEFL test, you'll be tested on your English language speaking skills.  You'll be tempted to talk fast to seem impressive – but whatever you do, don't!  Speak slowly, clearly and use formal, intelligent expressions.  In other words, pretend you're meeting the father of your girlfriend for the very first time!
Many TOEFL prep takers often wonder which English-speaking movies to watch.  Here's a helpful hint: pick American movies.  In my experience, you'll never fail to get a high score if you understand and can speak with an American accent.
For the writing section, pay attention to your grammar and spelling.  English may not be your native language, but that doesn't excuse you from adhering to traditional grammar rules.  Make sure that your essays have intros and conclusions, and try to use a little academic speak when you can!

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