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Avatar image
Anita Kaloi, Norway (15/11/09)
I'm proud of my self! I got a better score than I need on the test :) keep up the good work by making more tests!

Avatar image
M G, Russia (30/10/09)
Thanks for this site! It took me a week to prepare for iBT. My scores here were 96, 95 and finally 104. And at the real test I had 108 which was quite ok for me. So I believe your tests are very close to the real ones and they give a unique opportunity to evaluate one's skills in all the sections and get ready for the test.

Avatar image
Omer Ben-Amram, United States (29/10/09)
I found the tests in the sites to be a great example of what the experience of taking the TOEFL is all about. Moreover, the alacrity and the comprehensiveness of the feedback i was given for the speaking and the writing parts surprised me very positively, keep up the great job!

Avatar image
Saad Bitar, Kuwait (21/10/09)
The test was so useful to me.I have now the idea of how the real test will look like,this makes me more confidence and get better results.

Avatar image
Jeremy Bortes, United States (10/10/09)
I took two Full TOEFL Tests and I am impressed of the quality of those. Now I feel confident about my real TOEFL exam.

Avatar image
ken goortel, United States (06/09/09)
TOEFL Mini Test is really great hit. Good job! It was everything I needed just before the exam. Short TOEFL practice with each component. I wish you had more TOEFL iBT Mini Tests as only one is not enough.

Avatar image
Miguel Florez, Colombia (27/08/09)
Thank you very much for your recomendations, I found them very clear.

Avatar image
Rosemary Anyanwu, United States (23/08/09)
I like the detailed comments that you provided to me. I only wish that you create more speaking questions {the full format}. Am sure it will be helpful to test takers who require high score in the speaaking section. Thanks.

Avatar image
Haneen , Jordan (17/07/09)
As a TOEFL student I needed a piece of mind before the real exam. I took full TOEFL test with i-Courses. I used it as practice material but mostly I wanted to see what to expect as result at the real exam. Knowing where I am brought me the relief I needed to succeed at TOEFL a week later.

Avatar image
Huo Lo, China (27/03/09)
I liked the tests and the website a lot - they are so user friendly...I was extremely happy with the feedback from the speaking and writing sections - it was detailed, with guidance which helped me understand the requirements better and eventually do better at the test...