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TOEFL iBT Scores

TOEFL iBT Scores

iBT Scores

Review of how TOEFL iBT exams are scored. Extensive review for Speaking and Listening sections.

In this section also:

• How Do We Score Our TOEFL Tests
• TOEFL iBT Overview
• TOEFL iBT Format

TOEFL iBT is held entirely on a computer and it is delivered via the Internet, as the name (Internet Based Test) suggests. All tests completed are sent automatically to the ETS Online Scoring Network for review and scoring. All skills are separately rated and they bring scores as follows:

Reading: 0 - 30 points
Listening: 0 - 30 points
Speaking: 0 - 30 points
Writing: 0 - 30 points
TOTAL SCORE: 0 - 120 points

Scores are reported online within 15 business days from the day the test takers took the exam. Score reports could be found in the test taker's personal account onto the TOEFL site. Test takers also receive a paper copy of their score report via ordinary mail. However, it could be expected to receive the paper scores about two weeks later than the electronic ones.

A new service introduced by ETS allows academic institutions (colleges, universities and agencies) to view candidate scores online and also to receive score reports when the test takers have selected them as score recipients.

Scores for TOEFL iBT Reading and Listening Sections

TOEFL iBT Reading and Listening sections are based on question types where the correct answers are pre-defined (see. TOEFL iBT Format). That allows both sections to be scored automatically, without any human interference, and then the score is converted to 0-30 scale. Even though they are automated, test takers receive their score for both components together with the scores for the Listening and Speaking Sections and the total score.

Scores for TOEFL iBT Speaking Section

Speaking responses (6 in total) are digitally recorded as the test takers talk and they are sent to the ETS's Online Scoring Network. The responses are reviewed and scored by 3 to 6 independent certified raters. The rating system for each task is from 0 to 4 and the average from all raters is converted to 0-30 scale for the speaking section.

Here are some important features of the speaking that raters take into account when they evaluate the response:

  1. Delivery - the clearness of the speech. The responses should sound clear and easily flowing, with good pronunciation and natural pace. Pauses and intonation patterns should sound natural as well.
  2. Use of English - users should convey ideas effectively using appropriate grammar and vocabulary.
  3. Answer to the question - raters monitor how fully the question is answered and whether the ideas presented are conveyed in a coherent manner. For the integrated task importance is put on the way that the test taker is summarizing and synthesizing the information given in the reading and listening parts.

Good responses are those that use all or most of the time for the response, clearly stress on the relationship between different ideas, and their talk is easily followed and understandable.

Note: Raters do not expect responses to be perfect. Minor problems and occasional errors do not prevent a particular response to be given a high score.

Scores for TOEFL iBT Writing Section

For the Writing Section of TOEFL iBT, test takers type (using the PC's keyboard) their responses to two Writing tasks - integrated task and independent essay. Responses are sent to the ETS Online Scoring Network where they are evaluated by 2 to 4 independent certified raters. The writings are rated on 0-5 scoring scale. The average score from all raters for the two tasks is converted to 0-30 scale.

The integrated task response is checked for the quality of writing, its completeness and content accuracy. The quality of writing includes the organization of the texts and the use of appropriate grammar and diverse vocabulary.

For the independent essay the overall quality of writing is the most important component for the raters. It includes the development of the essay, the organization and structure, appropriate grammar and diverse and precise vocabulary.

Note: Raters take into account that the responses are just a first draft. Therefore, they do not expect perfect writings. Even essays with high scores may contain some errors.


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