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TOEFL iBT Student Generated Materials

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Study Hack: Summarizing articles
published by Annaba Boukhecha

tags: toefl improve, toefl tips, toelf tricks

origin: Study Hack: Summarizing articles (

When you’re preparing for a big exam like the TOEFL, you need to focus on studying efficiently – packing in the most amount of studying in the shortest amount of time. Using verbal summaries (that is, summarizing an article out loud) tests and improves your reading, comprehension, and speaking skills all at once. Talk about a time saver! Here is how you can work verbal summaries into your study routine.
1. Read a short newspaper article, jotting down major points and any new vocabulary ...

5 Vocabulary Study Cheats
published by Junu Sharma

tags: tips, toefl improve, toelf tricks

origin: 5 Vocabulary Study Cheats (

Studying for any exam can be a frustrating process and the TOEFL is no exception, so why not sneak in a few study cheats? Below are 5 tips to help you build your vocabulary in fun ways, and make studying feel less like work!
Study without thinking about it. Highlight or circle the words you have already learned in the dictionary you use. By doing this your mind will automatically review the word each time you see it while looking up new words.
Write a letter. Practice your newly learned words ...

I-B-C: The essential formula for success with TOEFL (Part 1 – the iBT writing tasks)
published by Lachezar Kolev

tags: toefl improve, toefl prep, toefl writing

origin: I-B-C: The essential formula for success with TOEFL (Part 1 – the iBT writing tasks) (

Over the many years I have been preparing students (and other teachers) for the TOEFL, there is a single simple framework that I have constantly returned to – and one that has generated the most success when it comes to taking the test and getting a good score as a minimum and potentially a perfect score if things go a test-taker’s way on the day.

I have to point out here that I have prepared students for the TOEFL at various levels of proficiency and “readiness”, and as a busy ...

published by Ralica Gospodinova

tags: toefl improve, toefl listening, toefl score


Not getting your ideal score on your listening section and looking for concrete ways to improve it? The listening section on the TOEFL exam can be overwhelming for many students with its complicated lectures and at times lengthy conversations. Here are 5 proven tips to up your score – guaranteed!

(1) Keep it simple. Remember: you don’t have to write everything down. The TOEFL listening section does not want or expect you to write down every single detail – such a feat would be ...

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