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TOEFL iBT Student Generated Materials

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How to Speak Intelligently on Almost Any Subject
published by Simon Fan

tags: toefl ibt reading, toefl ibt writing, toefl test

origin: How to Speak Intelligently on Almost Any Subject (

This exercise can be done for as little time as you have or as much time as you have; it doesn’t matter. If you do this every day, your English will improve.

Here’s what you do.
1. Print out the list of the 100 most common words.
2. I’ve prepared a list of different types of questions and conversation/speaking topics. Pick any question from this list.
3. Each day, randomly choose words from the list of the 100 most common words in English and use those words to answer ...

TOEFL iBT Reading questions
published by Catalin Popescu

tags: toefl ibt, toefl ibt reading, toefl practice

origin: TOEFL iBT Reading questions (

Section 1: Reading Comprehension

This part of the TOEFL tests your ability to read academic English. This is important if you want to succeed at an English college or university. Students are given large amounts of reading in most post secondary courses in the US. You should practice looking for the main idea by reading quickly through a passage. Then you should read more thoroughly for the purpose of answering the questions. It is not necessary for you to understand everything in a reading ...

TOEFL iBT in Depth: TOEFL iBT Reading
published by Ken Chan

tags: effective reading, toefl ibt reading, toefl strategies

origin: TOEFL iBT in Depth: TOEFL iBT Reading (

This lesson will cover the types of questions you will encounter on the Reading section of the TOEFL iBT test, as well as strategies you can use to improve your score in this section.

The Reading section of the TOEFL present you with 3-5 passage of approximately 700 words. While the passages are all basically the same length, they become increasingly difficult as you progress, so while 20 minutes is allotted for reading and answering questions on the first passage, 40 minutes is given for ...

TOEFL iBT - Reading for the main idea
published by Claudia Jones

tags: effective reading, toefl, toefl ibt reading

origin: TOEFL iBT - Reading for the main idea (

TOEFL Reading - Practice Questions

1. Americans have always been interested in their Presidents' wives. Many First Ladies have been remembered because of the ways they have influenced their husbands. Other First Ladies have made the history books on their own.

At least two First Ladies, Bess Truman and Lady Bird Johnson, made it their business to send signals during their husbands' speeches. When Lady Bird Johnson thought her husband was talking too long, she wrote a note and sent it up ...

Become an Effective TOEFL iBT Reader in Five Simple Steps
published by Enzo Rossi

tags: effective reading, toefl ibt, toefl ibt reading

origin: Become an Effective TOEFL iBT Reader in Five Simple Steps (

While reading academic passages, you want to maximize your comprehension. Additionally, you want to learn how to critically think in English about the main ideas and critical supporting points of those passages. The pre-reading strategies help you to prepare to read a difficult passage. Once you have finished pre-reading, you will need to employ a number of different strategies to help you successfully read the passage.

Practicing effective reading techniques while practicing extensive ...

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