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10 effective tips for learning English
published by Anett Buedi

tags: english test, help

origin: 10 effective tips for learning English (

By Lee Chang-sup 
Recently, I have been meeting with small groups of middle and high school English teachers in Seoul. These teachers invite me to lecture on whether and how English newspapers can be used to teach the English language in the classroom.
 In the three-hour presentation, I point out 10 things Koreans overlook in learning English.
First, learning English does not need to be expensive. According to Statistics Korea, last year, Koreans spent 6.5 trillion won (about $6 billion) ...

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Student’s grit matters as much as standardized test scores
published by Raza Netu

tags: english exams, english test

origin: Student’s grit matters as much as standardized test scores (

By Bill Maxwell

I am always encouraged when academics finally experience epiphanies about matters that always have been the stuff of common sense.
By common sense, I mean apprehending the obvious, paying attention to ordinary events that follow the laws of logic and probability independent of our attempts to impose our conclusions on them.
In this instance, college admissions officers in great numbers are acknowledging that a personality trait called "grit" should be a part of any ...

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Gre Test Preparation | Gre Test | Gre Exam
published by Ijaz Rahman

tags: english exams, english test, gre

origin: Gre Test Preparation | Gre Test | Gre Exam (

The GRE is an entrance test conducted for students who seek admission into the likes of the U.S. and Canadian graduate schools to pursue their master or doctoral degree. The test assesses the “mental intelligence” of a test-taker and his ability to take quick decision under time pressure.
The GRE scores coupled with some other measuring parameters determine the final admission of an individual into g-schools. Thus, one must be thoroughly familiar with all the sections of the test and the ...

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Introduction to SAT GMAT and TOEFL courses ? requirement for the same
published by Nuring Huang

tags: english exams, english test, toefl

origin: Introduction to SAT GMAT and TOEFL courses ? requirement for the same (

There are many SAT online courses offered by private tutors to help you qualify the examination with good scores. Your performance on the test decides your fate for admission in US College thus, it very essential to prepare for the test well in advance. You can find Math and English online tuition for SAT preparations. These online services provide you free demo classes and assessment.
SAT is just like other standardized tests required for taking admission in American colleges formerly known ...

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Most Common Interjections for Standardized Exams Like Gre, Gmat,toefl
published by Amira Muhanny

tags: english test, gre, toefl ibt

origin: Most Common Interjections for Standardized Exams Like Gre, Gmat,toefl (

Earlier I discussed prepositions and Idioms for standardized exams. In this article I will discuss a less important but unavoidable part of speech which you will see in abundance when you take your GRE / GMAT/ TOEFL. The sentence completion and reading comprehension questions which appear in the standardized exams require you to have a good knowledge of a variety of interjections. The problem here is that, you have a huge number of interjections in vogue but only a few will be tested. Lets see ...

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What Is the Difference Between TOEFL & First Certificate?
published by Enrique Fernandes

tags: english exams, english test, toefl test

origin: What Is the Difference Between TOEFL & First Certificate? (

Choosing an English proficiency test from the many options available can be as challenging as actually learning the language. Understand the differences between two common tests, the First Certificate and the TOEFL, to decide which one is right for you.


Both tests verify your level of proficiency in the English language. The First Certificate in English is an exam offered by the University of Cambridge ESOL. It is an upper-intermediate level exam.
The TOEFL (Test of English as a ...

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All You want To Know About T.O.E.F.L.
published by Adrien Menjou

tags: english test, toefl, toefl tests

origin: All You want To Know About T.O.E.F.L. (

Paper-Based & Computer-Based TOEFL

TOEFL format (paper based)

Listening comprehension (30 minutes)
Structure and written expression (25 minutes)
Sentence completion (15 questions)
Error recognition (25 questions)
Reading comprehension (55 minutes)
50 questions – approximately 5 passages

Computer based

Adaptive listening (60 minutes)
Part A: short dialogues
Part B: conversations, academic discussions, mini-lectures
Adaptive structure (15-20 minutes)
Sentence completion ...

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Number of Institutions Accepting the TOEFL Test Surpasses 7,300 Globally
published by Ivo Hrosinkovski

tags: english exams, english test, toefl

origin: Number of Institutions Accepting the TOEFL Test Surpasses 7,300 Globally (

World's Most Widely Recognized English Assessment Continues to Expand Its Reach

PRINCETON, NJ--(Marketwire - October 27, 2009) - Educational Testing Service (ETS) announced today that more than 7,300 institutions worldwide are currently accepting the TOEFL® (Test of English as a Foreign Language™) test to assess English-language proficiency for both undergraduate and graduate applicants.

Of the record number of educational institutions accepting the TOEFL test, approximately 5,175 are ...

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Who Takes the TOEFL?
published by Omer Cumbul

tags: english exams, english test, toefl study

origin: Who Takes the TOEFL? (

The TOEFL is a Test of English as a Foreign Language. This test measures your ability to read, write, speak and understand the English language.

Who Can Take the TOEFL?

1. There are no restrictions for who can take the TOEFL. Students living in non-English speaking countries who want to study abroad at an English-speaking university would take this test.

Which Institutions Require the TOEFL?

2. The official TOEFL website states more than 7,000 universities and ...

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How to Write a TOEFL Test
published by Julio Fernandes

tags: english exams, english test, toefl prep

origin: How to Write a TOEFL Test (

The TOEFL test, or Test of English as a Foreign Language, is administered to non-native speakers of English who wish to attend an American university. The TOEFL test is divided into four sections: reading, listening, speaking and writing. The test can be taken in paper form, by computer or on the Internet. Creating a mock TOEFL test will allow you to give your students practice and preparation for the official version later on.


Step 1

Compose three to five 300-word texts ...

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Publish a TOEFL iBT Material

This section is intended to deliver useful TOEFL learning resources submitted by our students for the purpose of helping each other to prepare better for the TOEFL Test. All materials are published with non-commercial purpose and the origin of the material is provided. If you have come across good TOEFL preparation materials and if you would like to share them with other TOEFL iBT students through our website, we will be glad to reward your effort with a free TOEFL iBT Component of your choice - Reading or Listening. To receive your free TOEFL Component your material should be approved and published. In order to publish the suggested TOEFL material, it should comply with the following rules:

• all fields in the submission form to be filled in correctly

• the material should not have a twin on our database

• the material should have value for the TOEFL students

• the material shouldn't be an excerpt or fragment only

• the material source should be correctly stated

Note that all materials are humanly reviewed and approved. If your material does not comply with the abovementioned rules, please, do not try to publish it.

To publish a meterial you have to log in!

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