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TOEFL iBT Student Generated Materials

published by Samnang Yang


origin: TOEFL FAQs (

As TOEFL exam keeps happening round the year and colleges and foreign universities across the planet are opening their doors, here are some important points for TOEFL that you need to know while appearing for the exam.
Q: What is the TOEFL?
A:TOELF stands for Test Of English as Foreign Language. This test shows your current level of English language. It is conducted in two formats worldwide, internet (IBT) and paper based test (PBT). The basic purpose of TOEFL is to apply to various ...

Free Sample TOEFL Essays
published by Amisha Sancheti

tags: toefl essay, toefl ibt, toefl writing

origin: Free Sample TOEFL Essays (

Learning to write well is a skill, like any other. This skill is important not only on your TOEFL exam, but also in your academic and professional career. The TOEFL Writing section consists of two parts:

*Integrated Writing, which includes reading, listening and then writing a summary/ comparison piece of 250 word in 20 minutes

*Independent Writing, which involves writing a four to five-paragraph essay of 300-350 words in 30 minutes

The following free sample TOEFL essays illustrate how ...

published by Murad Al-Masser

tags: toefl ibt, toefl ibt tips, toefl strategies

origin: TOEFL iBT Tips (

There are some specific tips and strategies that can be very helpful while you are planning to take Toefl. Two candidates with the same knowledge may not necessarily receive the same score on a Toefl test. This is because only one of them knows how to do well on the exam. These strategies are concerned with how you approach the language, how you use the language, and how Toefl is usually constructed.

These tips should only be used as an adjunct mechanism for preparing to take the TOEFL and ...

Become an Effective TOEFL iBT Reader in Five Simple Steps
published by Enzo Rossi

tags: effective reading, toefl ibt, toefl ibt reading

origin: Become an Effective TOEFL iBT Reader in Five Simple Steps (

While reading academic passages, you want to maximize your comprehension. Additionally, you want to learn how to critically think in English about the main ideas and critical supporting points of those passages. The pre-reading strategies help you to prepare to read a difficult passage. Once you have finished pre-reading, you will need to employ a number of different strategies to help you successfully read the passage.

Practicing effective reading techniques while practicing extensive ...

TOEFL iBT Integrated Writing Template
published by Liah Marquez

tags: toefl, toefl essay, toefl writing

origin: TOEFL iBT Integrated Writing Template (

The following TOEFL iBT Integrated Writing template is the template which I used when I answered the question: “Summarize the points made in the lecture you just heard, explaining how they cast doubt on the points made in the reading.”

Paragraph I

In this set of materials, the reading passage mentions/describes/explains the theory/research result/....................... that ......................................................................... . On the other hand, the lecturer is ...

toefl practice test, toefl test dates,toefl registration,toefl books
published by Eldar Bissenov


origin: toefl practice test, toefl test dates,toefl registration,toefl books (

Now that you have a good idea of what the test is, what is to be expected, AND what strategies are needed you can begin to practice taking various sections of the test. Some of the best FREE online practice you can get is at the . This site claims to be entirely for free, but requires you to become a member.
Finally probably the biggest piece of advice you will hear from everybody is: "Take the test as often as possible". To help you do just that (for FREE) follow the following links to these ...

TOEFL iBT Essays - common spelling mistakes
published by ken goortel

tags: toefl essay, toefl ibt, toefl writing

origin: TOEFL iBT Essays - common spelling mistakes (

You will become able to improve your TOEFL iBT writing score, when you get to know about these common spelling mistakes and if you manage to avoid any of them.
It is considered to be quite a wide known fact that spelling is an extremely hard work in English. Therefore, there is good news as well it is that you should not get worried too much about it, because everyone, including native speakers of English, has problems with spelling and makes spelling mistakes from time to time.

From the ...

gmat kaplan,gmat preparation,gre,toefl
published by Aleksei Wagle


origin: gmat kaplan,gmat preparation,gre,toefl (

Getting ready to apply to business school? Then the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) should be on your to-do list. What is the GMAT and how can you prepare for it? The GMAT measures a variety of skills that are thought to predict success in business school. It measures skills that you've acquired over the high school and college years. The GMAT is an aptitude test because it is meant to measure your potential to succeed in business school.While the GMAT is only one of several criteria ...

Study effectively for Gre,Gmat,Sat,Ielts,Toefl
published by Dilyara Abdrakhmanova


origin: Study effectively for Gre,Gmat,Sat,Ielts,Toefl (

1. Prepare blocks of study time and break:
As your tests are approaching develop and plan for, blocks of study time in a typical week. Blocks ideally are around 50 minutes, but perhaps you become restless after only 30 minutes. Some difficult material may require more frequent breaks. Shorten your study blocks if necessary—but don’t forget to return to the task at hand! What you do during your break should give you an opportunity to have a snack, relax, or otherwise refresh or re-energize ...

Escape the Standardized Exam Gre, Gmat,toefl and Get a College Degree
published by Hong Chen


origin: Escape the Standardized Exam Gre, Gmat,toefl and Get a College Degree (

I have always wondered about the relevance of GRE/ GMAT / SAT/ IELTS. These exams have their own flaws and may be perceived as regressive patterns of testing the knowledge, aptitude and analytical abilities of a graduate student. I am in no which way an expert, scholar or authority who can strongly detest the usage of the aforementioned exams in selection criteria of students for a study abroad program. The bottom line is that these exams are bridges across global schools which facilitate the ...