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TOEFL Preparation Tips - Online Information about TOEFL Coaching

published by Wen Thomas

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TOEFL (Test of English as Foreign Language)
Test of English as Foreign Language is a mandatory test, required by all countries to allow nationals of different nation to reside or study in their country. The objective of this test is to check the competency and fluency of the candidate in the English language.
The TOEFL is a test that shows your level of English. The university wants to know that you know enough English to understand the courses and do well in school. Almost every university in the world requires a certain TOEFL score.
How Does CAT Work?
The TOEFL is a computerized test that adapts to your performance. This format is called a CAT (computer-adaptive test). As you take the test, the computer will select questions based on your performance. If you get a question correct, the test may select a more difficult one next. If you get a question wrong, the computer may select an easier one next. Thus, the test adapts to your performance.
Each computer-based test section meets pre-established specifications, including the types of questions asked and the subject matter presented. The statistical characteristics of the questions answered correctly and incorrectly, including their difficulty levels, are taken into account in the calculation of scores. Therefore, scores of all test takers can be compared even though they received different questions.
1. Listening
The Listening Section has been designed with purpose to test the candidates integrated "visuals and reading skills." This Section has two parts to it; Short Conversations and Long Conversations with 2-3 questions per conversation. This section is computer adaptive. Part A: Dialogues and Short Conversations
(11 to 17 dialogues-- 1 question each) (From 2-3 Short Conversations--2 or 3 Questions each)

In this section, the student sees a picture on the computer screen, hears a short conversation while looking at the picture, sees and reads a question about the conversation, and then chooses the correct answer choice. Part B: Long Conversation and Mini-Talks (from 4-6 long conversations and/or Mini-Talks: 3-6 questions each)
This section contains at long academic conversation, and a number of mini-talks. The long academic conversation has a professor talking to a class. The professor will discuss a subject and answer questions about the subject. The conversation has multiple speakers- usually the professor and 1 or 2 students.

This section contains a mixture of "fill in the blank with the correct answer" questions and "identify the incorrect underlined part of a sentence" questions. This section requires a balanced knowledge of English Grammar and an effective vocabulary. SECTION 3: READING COMPREHENSION
The Reading Comprehension Section contains questions based on passages. These passages are of varying interest and faculties.  This section aims at testing the “understanding the language” capability of the candidate.
In this section, you have to write an essay. You may type your essay, or handwrite it in 30 minutes. The topics are of varied nature ranging from a simple “My favorite Class” to “the Impact of Music and Culture on Today’s Society”.
For more Information and further preparation related details visit here

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