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Speaking and Writing Topics

published by Novak Hop

tags: toefl ibt speaking, toefl ibt writing, toefl test, (all tags)

origin: Speaking and Writing Topics (


Do you prefer traveling alone? Or traveling in a group?
What is your definition of a good trip?
Do you think traveling abroad is a waste of time?
What’s the farthest you’ve ever traveled by car/train/boat/plane?
What do you think is the least dangerous country to visit?
Would you travel spontaneously, without a lot of planning?
Do most people in your country like to travel?
What are the most popular places to travel?
Is it important to know English when you travel?
What are some different reasons people travel?
What are some common problems people have when they travel?
Can you overcome these problems and still call it a successful trip?
Should everyone travel to other countries?
Do you feel a sense of freedom when you travel?
In order, what are the 3 best modes of travel?
Why is train travel becoming less popular?
Can 4 years of world travel be just as beneficial as college?
Would you like to go to every continent?
Which countries would you never consider visiting?
Do you know any famous travelers from the history books?
When you go to another country do you compare and contrast?


What’s your scariest experience?
What’s a near death experience you’ve had?
Are you scared of mice?
Why are some people scared of snakes?
What are some other irrational fears?
If you experienced no fear, what would be the benefits?
Why is fear sometimes beneficial?
Would you take a drug that got rid of all fears?
Do you like roller coasters?
Have you ever done something frightening for fun?
Is it possible to be “scared to death”?
What’s the scariest way to die?
Have you ever laughed at a scary situation?


Did you ever argue with your parents? Siblings? Other relatives?
Did you ever get a scar as a child?
Did you ever get into a fistfight as a child?
Did you ever have to deal with bullies in school?
Did you ever smoke as a kid?
Did you ever stay up late to watch TV so as to watch something special?
Did you mom or dad have any favorite quotes or sayings that they said often?
Did you play any sports in school?
Did your family ever have a special day each week for specific meals or activities?
Do you remember your first bike?
Have you ever been hurt by an animal?
Have you ever had a falling-out with a close friend?
How did you play pretend when you were young?
How many different pets have you had?
Were you a leader or a follower, or were you indifferent?
Were you embarrassed to go out into public with your parents?
Were you ever jealous of a friend as you were growing up?
Were you in any school clubs?
Were you more of a bookworm or a slacker?
Were you popular in school?
Were you scared of the dark when you were younger?
What did you want to be when you were growing up?
What was something you really wanted your parents to buy you, but they didn’t.
What was your family car like, and what do you remember most about it?
What was your favorite book as a child?
What was your favorite game as a child that wasn’t a sport?
What was your first word?
What was your greatest talent as a little child?
What was your worst haircut?
What were some books your parents read to you for bedtime?
What’s the most interesting thing you ever found?
What’s your first memory?
When did you have your first drink?
When did you start dating?
Who taught you how to ride a bike?
Who was your best friend as a child?
Who was your favorite relative that wasn’t your parents or siblings?
Who was your first boyfriend/girlfriend?
Who was your first friend?
Who was your strangest family member?


What do you believe are the 5 healthiest foods?
What are the 5 different food groups?
If you could only eat one item from each of the 5 food groups, what would you choose?
Should insurance companies be allowed to disqualify a person because they weigh too much?
Why is smoking bad, and why did the tobacco industry lie about it?
What would your life be like in you weighted 500 KG?
Why do some people become anorexic or bulimic?
If the average person in my family lives to 80 and is overweight, should I really be worried about my weight?
Do you usually eat above or below the ideal caloric intake?
Why are so many people overweight?
What differentiates the lifestyles of an overweight person and a morbidly obese person?
Why is there a negative stigma attached to overweight people?
How do fashion magazines help or hinder a person’s view of their bodies?
Is it more the schools’ or the parents’ responsibility to teach kids about a healthy lifestyle?
Can our daily food choices affect our mental health?
How can you change your diet for the better?
What are some different fad diets?
Why do some people jump from diet to diet?
Which country has the best dishes for maintaining good health?
Why do you think Japanese live the longest on average?
How much should the average person exercise?
When is it okay to take medicine to lose weight?
When should people get their stomachs stapled?
What are the 5 most popular foods that are not healthy?
What’s the best exercise?
Why is exercise good?
When can too much exercise become a problem?
Do you think the average person was healthier 200 years ago?
Which side of your family is more healthy, your mother’s side or your father’s side?
Which side of your parent’s family do you most physically resemble?
Would you ever consider becoming a vegetarian?
Do you think models are too skinny?
How would our ideas of beauty change if all models were overweight?
Which popular ethnic food is the least healthy?
What’s the most popular food to be allergic to?
Who are some popular overweight people?
Do you think school lunches are healthy?
Do you think the overall health of society will go up or down in the future?
Would you genetically modify your unborn child so as to never gain weight?

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