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Minimum TOEFL Score – US Universities

published by M O

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origin: Minimum TOEFL Score – US Universities (

If you are applying to to U.S. Schools, colleges as an International Student, where English language is not native language, then TOEFL Score is mandatory application requirement. All the schools require you have to minimum TOEFL scores to be considered for admission. Students post lots of questions like:

- What is the minimum TOEFL Score required for admission into U.S. Universities;

- My TOEFL Score is 79, can I get admission in MS;

- What is the Minimum TOEFL score required to get admission with scholarship;

- What is acceptable toefl scores required for admission;

- What is minimum toefl iBT score required for admission in US colleges;

Though all the questions are different, it refer to same question.

Where to Find Minimum TOEFL Scores

If you look at International Student admission page in any college, university web page, they will list the minimum TOEFL scores required to be considered for admission.

For example, here is a list of scores required by few schools:

Arizona State University
Total Score: 83

Auburn University
Total Score: 80, with the following minimum section requirements:
Reading: 20, Listening: 20, Speaking: 20, Writing: 20

Case Western Reserve University – School of Graduate Studies
Total Score: 79, with the following minimum section requirements:
Reading: 19, Listening: 15, Writing: 22, Speaking: 23

Some students will have taken TOEFL CBT (Computer Based Test) which will have scores to 300 points. In that case usually universities requires atleast 213. Alas, in some countries Paper Based test is also offered which scores ranging from 310 to 677 and 0-6 in writing.

TOEFL Minimum Section Requirements
As you can see some schools have one minimum score like ASU – 83, while others requires you to have minimum overall toefl score and minimum in each TOEFL sections. So, check the admission requirements page of the universities you plan to apply.

What of Minimum TOEFL Score is not Specified?

If you look at college admission requirements page, for sure minimum required TOEFL scores will be specified, some schools will not specify what is the minimum GRE Score required for admission, but TOEFL will definitely be there.

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cathy (16/02/10 07:31)

my toefl score is 76 ,will i get admission in any university for ms?

ali babayev (17/02/10 08:38)

How about scholarships in U.S? What is the Toefl minimum for them?

Mohamed (28/05/10 14:50)

My toefl score is 68, will I get admission in any university for MBA?

ammar (23/07/10 10:04)

my toefl score is 77 ,will i get admission in any university for ms?

Ami (29/07/10 03:44)

My TOEFL is 5 1.I am taking second one.

mohamed (24/09/10 14:36)

looking for scholarship

pubudu liyanage (08/01/11 12:00)

my toefl score is 35.will i get admission in any collage in silver spring :

ritu (25/01/11 18:23)

my toefl score is 42 can i get admition in usa any college.

mini (22/02/11 21:01)

my toefl score is 68 .Can i get admission for MS in any university

sajeeya (19/07/11 03:02)

My TOEFL score is 47 can i get a university in usa

samson (20/07/11 07:02)

i have 54 wil i get admission into truman college

Homersimp (31/08/11 08:12)

My TOEFL score is 112. Is this good? Bad?

Arun Samuel (01/09/11 03:32)

My TOEFL score is 52, will i get admission in any of us university??

shyna ahula (05/09/11 04:00)

hello my TOEFL score is 85.can i get admission in national university USA.

sindhu (05/10/11 06:30)

do the universities consider individual section scores inTOEFL??
plz reply..
thnx in advance

dinesh (08/10/11 02:17)

my toefl score is 109 can i take addmission in london business school or wharton MBA

Jaclyn (20/12/11 08:21)

Just cause it's simple doesn't mean it's not super helpufl.

JAYDIP GHOSH (28/01/12 08:29)


DABBAGH.RAHIM@GMAIL.COM (30/03/12 14:00)

GRE 900 AND GPA 3.13

this site sux (12/04/12 02:08)

read my name

binyam girma (26/04/12 03:30)

my toefl score is 543 on the PBT and want to study engineering to what us school could i get exepted

chinthana jayan (08/05/12 19:38)

my toefl score is 93 can i be able to apply to us

azin (10/05/12 22:16)

my toefl score is 523 could you please tel me which university can i applay?

Moha_91 (21/05/12 16:03)

my toefl score is 70 can any one help me to find any university in us

Mohamed (28/05/12 23:34)

My toefl score is 55 can i be able to apply to US

pavani (11/07/12 09:15)

my toefl score is 53 will i get admission in any college in U.S.A

divya (11/07/12 23:06)

hi my toefl scores are 81 reading 22,speaking 23,listening 21,writing 15,gre 287 quant 150,verbal 137 a.w.a. 2,
my academic score is 8.2 out of 10 credits could you please suggest me the universities in TX for admission

tom thomas (03/10/12 05:21)

My toefl score is 52 will I be able to apply in US university

spiy (31/10/12 13:36)

mumu guys failing teofl

sam (18/11/12 20:32)

my toefl score is 68
can I get admission in berkely university

neha (29/11/12 01:39)

my toefl score is 80 and i am interested in doing mba from university of washington (foster) i am having 13 in reading, 19 in listening, 24 in speaking and 24 in writing waiting for your reply ..

Kavana (03/12/12 16:31)

My Toefl score is 78. Reading-13, Listening-16, Speaking-22, Wiriting-27. Please tell me if I am elligible to apply for US university.. Do reply.. will be lookin forward

Ajay (03/12/12 16:33)

My Toefl score is 76. Reading-16, Listening-19, Speaking-20, Wiriting-21. Please tell me if I am elligible to apply for US university.. Do reply.. will be looking forward

Nandan (10/12/12 02:35)

My TOFEL score is Listining - 20, Reading -15, S[peaking-26 and writing-21 ( total 82).Can get admission in US for MBA(HR)

nandan (10/12/12 02:36)

My TOFEL score is Listining - 20, Reading -15, S[peaking-26 and writing-21 ( total 82).Can get admission in US for MBA(HR)

Lavanya (05/02/13 01:39)

My toefl score is 80 can get the admission in US universities if i can give the names

Triveni (26/02/13 21:52)

My toefl score is 63 , Please tell me if I am elligible to apply for US university..

Likhon (15/04/13 14:29)

My Toefl score is 75 ( Reading-15, Listening- 19, Speaking-20 and writing-21) . Shall I get graduate admission in biological science in US University?

salom (03/06/13 14:40)

my score is 60 in the IBT
will i get admission in US universiies ?

meena (03/06/13 23:21)

my toefl score is 75 in the ibt
will i get admissions with out any conditional I20

mahesh (09/08/13 19:31)

my score is 96 which university is better in us

navya (03/09/13 04:40)

my Toefl score is 75 any one please suggest me some uni..plzzz...

jas (14/10/13 16:10)

My toefl score is 55 can i get admission in the US universities

veronica (14/10/13 20:08)

My toefl score is 88..i have got 17- reading, 24-listening,26-speaking and 21-writing..can u pls suggest some universities for masters in computer science in USA for this score pls.

sukh (14/10/13 21:10)

My toefl score is 63. can I get admission in the US universities.

seema (20/10/13 00:33)

my toefl score 76 ... will i get admission to atleast average college in US...Please atleast anyone reply...

luckysam (21/10/13 08:12)

my toefl score 61 can i get the admission in any US belonged universities, if yes please send me the university names to my email
If u can give me any suggestion it will be very helpful for me.

sampada (22/10/13 09:53)

my toefl score is 85 (r-22, l-19, s-23, w-21)
is this score sufficient for US universities or i should take the test again!!
please reply

Girish (29/10/13 02:51)

My toefl score is 81
Reading 19
Listening 16
Speaking 20
Writing 26

Gre Score is 298

Preferred Course - Computer Science

What is the chance of getting admission at NYU Poly?

sai (29/11/13 21:50)

my toefl score is Reading Listening Speaking Writing total
13 14 15 12 54
and my gre score is 273

will i get admission in US univ.Thanks in Advance...

sekhar (04/01/14 05:17)

my toefl score is 77(r-15,l-18,s-23,w-21)....should i retake or can i expect admission with this score.......gre-301

jinki (16/01/14 13:31)

i didn't do the toefl test. can i attend any universities?

sharmila (28/01/14 14:45)

i got my toefl score r-15,l-22,s-23,w-23 ....will i get in any good university like floida!!! or shud i take exam again!!

rahul (29/01/14 00:08)

hi my toefl score is 53 will i get admission in us please help me.,.,

R Krishna (10/03/14 16:28)

TOEFL score - 55
Reading 10
Listening 12
Speaking 18
Writing 15

GRE Score is 285

Will i get admission in US univ for MS(computer science or any other stream).If yes please send me the university names to my email

ayyyesha (04/04/14 13:20)

My TOEFL score is 59 .may I get admission in any USA university?

Rizwan Ishtiaq (22/04/14 11:38)

My Toefl Score is
Reading 21
Listening 23
Speaking 27
Writing 28
Total 99

Is this score good for admission in a Medical School or Program in USA ?

siva (23/04/14 21:37)

i got 55 in toefl can i get admission in any university name them please

tilak (04/05/14 06:31)

Hi My TOEFL Score is
Reading 12
Listening 7
speaking 20
writing 14
Total 53
Is this score good for BS Computer science program in USA . Can you please list out some of the universities which obliges this marks
Thanks a lot

Mian Mohsin (09/05/14 01:30)

My toefl ibt score is 63 will it be enough to get admission in a business program.tell me some one.mail me at

Mounika Sajja (03/06/14 23:05)

My toefl score is 80. Am i eligile to apply to any universities....

Dheeraj Reddy (04/06/14 05:26)

Hie, my Toefl score is 88. R-18, L- 25, S- 24, W-21. Will I get admission in Utah state university ?

deepa (06/06/14 10:33)

Hello, My TOEFL Score -76(R-17,L-15,S-23,W-21) ,GRE-300, -81(No backlogs). Will my TOEFL Score Effect my admission ?? Pls Need your suggestion. Or should i retake TOEFL exam?

ramya (10/06/14 17:23)

my toefl score is 66. I have already applied to texas southern, clear lake of houston, prairie view, texas a & m commerce universities. Will i get admission in any one of these universities?

teja (15/07/14 02:30)

my toefl score is 62 there any possiblty of getting admission in u.s universities for my score

Dolkar (22/10/14 04:20)

My TOEFL score is 59. Can you suggest me some universities in USA that comes under the score 59?

shrishti (28/10/14 23:11)

My toefl score is 107... but i got only 23 in speaking section. Will a low speaking score affect my chances on getting a TA/RA or scholarship in any university ?

Nasih shinwari (28/10/14 23:33)

my toefl score is 63 can i get admission in the USA universities.
speaking: 19
listening: 14
reading: 14
my email :

Abhishek Adhikari (27/11/14 08:02)

i have got a toefl score of 76.... Can i get admission in us university......
my score in
my email:

gurjeet kaur (16/12/14 03:05)

i have got a toefl score of 47 and gre 276 can i get admission in us university plz rply.............

Zeinab Ashtab (24/12/14 01:44)

My TOEFL score is 65 how can I get a scholarship from one of the universities in USA for Ph.D in mathematics.

sanjay manandhar (13/02/15 21:10)

My toefl score is 53 and sat score is 1214...can i get admission.plz rply it.

rajeev (25/02/15 22:38)

my TOEFL SCORE IS 69 can i get admission in us university

tyna (18/03/15 00:54)

My toefl score is 78 can i get admission in any US university in MBA International Business

sajani maharjan (18/04/15 20:03)

my toefl score is 55 can i get admission in any US university .plz rply it

abd elaziz (25/04/15 18:10)

my tofel score is 60 can i get admission in us university in mba business plz resond to me in this e-mail

Mohsinkhan (01/06/15 18:15)

my Toefil score is 70 can I go for nursing registration?

Dhirendra (21/06/15 21:30)

Toefl score
Reading Listening Speaking Writing Total
15 12 17 16 60

I have completed my bachelor in computer engineering and want to join MS(computer science or any stream) in US universities.Will i get.Plz suggest in my email Id:

Shreyal Anand (26/07/15 09:58)

Hi my toefl ibt score is 91 and I am wanna do undergraduate program in IT . So cn I get admission in one of the top 50 universities in US ....??

ebun (02/09/15 09:47)

I had a total score of 63 for my toefl

srinivas (05/09/15 12:12)


My toefl score is 51

Reading Listening Speaking Writing Total

9 9 17 16 51

I am already in usa with h4 visa.For which universities can i apply in usa with 51 score card.
Please help me.


shreeshant (14/09/15 06:05)

my toefl score is 54. can i get admission in USA , please guys suggest me if there any college that take admission.

Shefali (30/09/15 07:53)

My toefl score is 79 and gre 285. Will I get admit in any university

sunny (19/10/15 18:40)

My tofel score is 40 .Will I get admission in any university

Nanae (19/10/15 20:46)

I got 110 in TOEFL.
What is the requirement for Havard?

ankur dohare (24/10/15 04:43)

My tofel score is 53 and i do not have GRE .Will I get admission in any university in usa

bhavya (11/11/15 11:13)

I scored 55 in tofel exam will I get admission in U.S.A

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marcel (19/11/15 22:51)

i scored 53 in toefl exam will i get admission in USA

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