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TOEFL Scholarships

published by Alberto Morano

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Access Free Information, Scholarships for Exam
TOEFL, Test Of English as a Foreign Language, is an exam required by many American colleges that determines whether non-native students can understand and use the English language at a college level. The exam is administered worldwide and is usually taken online, though when that is not possible, a paper exam is provided.
There is a fee involved in taking the TOEFL exam; and in some instances, for preparation assistance prior to the exam.
Two TOEFL Test Types
There are ’Institutional‘ and ’International‘ TOEFL exams. The Institutional TOEFL is one given by a particular institution, such as a business entity, to assess a non-native person‘s understanding of the English language. The score received on this may not be accepted at other institutions. The International TOEFL exam is given worldwide, and the score is accepted at all institutions worldwide.
Financial Assistance for the TOEFL
It can be difficult to locate and obtain a scholarship, fee reduction, or fee waiver to pay for the TOEFL examination. There is some financial assistance available, but competition for it is heavy. Besides the resources listed below, anyone interested in obtaining financial help with taking the TOEFL may also want to contact their local American Embassy for information on the Fulbright Competition; or their high school guidance counselor.
Test Prep Scholarships Available for Students Worldwide
The TEFL Prep Center with Dr. Pamela J. Sharpe offers TOEFL test prep scholarships to students around the globe. Any student trying to gain admittance into a U.S. college, whom is taking the exam again in order to get a higher score, qualifies. The $130 scholarships cover the cost of the exam fees and there are four annual awards. To apply, applicants must write an essay in English on an assigned topic.
TOEFL Fee Waivers for Fulbright Finalists in Mauritius
Finalists for the Fulbright Program for Graduate Study in American Universities will receive with their other materials, a fee waiver voucher for the TOEFL exam. While the U.S. Embassy in Mauritius does not administer the TOEFL, it does oversee the Fulbright Competition.
High School Students with U.S. Residency May Get a Fee Reduction
If you are a high school student and a United States resident, or in the U.S. permanently and plan on taking the TOEFL, you may qualify for a TOEFL exam fee reduction. Applications and all other information needed to obtain the fee reduction are available at the TOEFL (ETS) website.
TOEFL Fee Waivers for Bethesda Chevy Chase High School Students.
Students attending Bethesda Chevy Chase High School in Maryland may qualify for a TOEFL exam fee waiver. Please contact the career center for more information.
Disadvantaged Bostonian High School Students May Get a Fee Waiver
Bottom Line is a free program for disadvantaged junior and senior high school students in Boston, Massachusetts. The program offers a TOEFL fee waiver to students enrolled in the Bottom Line program. Interested students need to contact their high school guidance counselor for more information.

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