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Help me to score in TOEFL

published by Adam Smith

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TOEFL requires more than a simple knowledge of English. It requires you to be able to understand and respond to English on a college campus.A good TOEFL score means you are ready to attend US/UK college courses, listen to lectures and talk to professors and other students.Whether you are fluent in English or are nervous about your language skills, a few tips will help you prepare for the TOEFL and get the best score you can. Here are the tips…
Speak and listen to English. Watch English-language movies and television shows and listen to English radio programs. Talk to your friends and family in English. Try to find recordings of college lectures or other academic programming. The more you practice the language, the more comfortable you will become with it.
Read academic texts in English. Find college textbooks in English, or read academic papers online. Then write a summary of what you read. In order to prepare for the TOEFL, you should be accustomed to this style of language.
Record yourself speaking English. Then listen to it. Be your own judge, or ask an English teacher or someone who is fluent for advice.
Attend a course taught in Training Institutes. If this is not feasible try to get at least the required material for practice. In fact you can purchase books by Longman, Barrons and Tata McGraw Hill publications.
You can prepare for the TOEFL by using English whenever you can. Practice your English vocabulary with flash cards, quizzes and games. When you prepare for the TOEFL, it isn’t simply about getting a high test score. It is also about being ready to learn at an American college or university!
Also go through the Lessons and Discussions in our TOEFL community on a regular basis.
Tips for Speaking Task
Here are some tips to get good score in TOEFL speaking task.
1. Speak slowly and clearly.
Most of us tend to speak too fast,(even I am not an exception) of course just the right speed is best, but it is better to speak slowly and clearly.
2. Use the maximum time allowed 45 sec or 60 sec.
Some people talk only 30 sec on 60 sec task. Avoid this.Try to speak for at least 42 sec in a 45 sec task and for 55 sec in a 60 sec task.
3. Use an introduction.
Most people just answer the question, why not have an introduction and let your answer stand out.
Hope this helps…

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