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TOEFL score requirements for various schools

published by Hoai Chau

tags: toefl prep, toefl study, toefl tips, (all tags)

origin: TOEFL score requirements for various schools (

1. All requirements are for TOEFL iBT format, unless specified otherwise
2. All information was taken from official schools’ sites.
3. Even if school does not have an official cut-off score, or if this score seems ridiculously low, it is an applicant’s interest to check an average score of the accepted students in order to form a realistic understanding of what is required.
4. Overall, it seems you will be OK with 100 for the vast majority of schools, but you will need closer to at least 110 for the most competitive ones.

TOEFL Requirements for US Schools

School - TOEFL Score - Notes

Harvard - 109+ - strongly recommended by adcom
Stanford - 100
Wharton - Required - no cut-off score; average is given as 111
MIT - Not Required - may be included if an applicant wishes to do so
Chicago Booth - 104 - otherwise ‘admission would be contingent upon meeting the minimum scores or other language requirements’
– info from their site
Kellogg - Required - no cut-off score specified
Columbia - Required - no cut-off score specified
Tuck Required - no cut-off - score specified
Berkeley (Haas) - 68 - note that average given for reference is 113
Michigan (Ross) - 100
Duke (Fuqua) - Required - no cut-off score specified
Darden - 100 - not a strict requirement
Yale - 100
NYU Stern - Required - no cut-off score specified
Cornell Johnson - Required - require 600 for old paper-based tests (with 5 in TWE), which corresponds to 100 in new format (with 25 in Writing)
UCLA (Anderson) - 87 - they note that you should have a good excuse for anything below 100
CMU (Tepper) - Required - no min score for TOEFL iBT is given, but they specify 600 for old Paper-Based test, so I think it’s 100 for iBT

TOEFL Requirements for Top European Schools

School - TOEFL Score - Notes

IMD - Not Required - TOEFL is not required, but there is general requirement of ‘strong command of spoken and written English’
(evaluated through GMAT, essays and interview I guess)
INSEAD - 105 - note that those for whom English is native language, must show knowledge of another language as entry requirement
LBS - Required - no specific ‘cut-off’ score is specified. Last year, there was an unofficial recommendation of 109+, but people with lesser scores could get in.

TOEFL Requirements for UK Schools

School - TOEFL Score - Notes

Ashridge - 100
Cambridge (Judge) - 100 - min 25 in Writing
Cranfield - 100
Manchester - 100 - no individual element must be below 20
Oxford (Said) - 109 - this is new requirement for 2010
Warwick - 105

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