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Eight TOEFL Listening Tips : Practice Makes A Man Perfect: Never Pass Without Following This Tips

published by Gandhi M

tags: listening, toefl, toefl tips, (all tags)

origin: Eight TOEFL Listening Tips : Practice Makes A Man Perfect: Never Pass Without Following This Tips (

I have followed the tips of my TOEFL teacher. I think it will help improving this thinks. (If you mother language is not English) Though our mother language is not English. We are weak in English. So we can follow this thinks to improve.

1. Practice and Practice:
You should practice much more. No way to get high score but practice much more. Read a passage and listen the corresponding videos. Again read that passage without listening. Practice this with audio.

2. Listen English TV Programs:
You should listen to the CNN, NGC, BBC etc news programs. When get new words, take note and use dictionary to understand about. The new video is very helpful for understanding the topic.

3. Maintaining and Understanding Key word:
You should take care of keywords. Keyword is the common words used in talks. Keyword may vary man to man and topic to topic.

4. Facial Expression Intonation of the Speaker
Take care of facial expression of a person while talking. In exam it is very much important, You can get the idea about total expression of any discussion. You have to follow the way of talking (certain, uncertain, angry, happy, serious or joking) Place of Talking is another important think.

5. Don’t afraid to Ask
In the dialog or interview, never afraid to say, "Could you repeat, please?" or "I'm sorry, I didn't catch that” You should understand the questions to answer.

6. Learn New Words
You should learn new words and enrich your vocabulary. When you get new words you should take notes and find it in dictionary.

7. Shorting Words
Some Shorted word is used in English talking. (For example: wanna instead of want to) Thought this varies places you have to take knowledge about this.

8. Phrase and Idioms
Many Phrases and Idioms is used in talking. There is videos about phrases and idioms. I will list a common list of it . There is some listening videos here. Watch these videos. I think It will make progress to you.

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