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How to Write a TOEFL Test

published by Julio Fernandes

tags: english exams, english test, toefl prep, (all tags)

origin: How to Write a TOEFL Test (

The TOEFL test, or Test of English as a Foreign Language, is administered to non-native speakers of English who wish to attend an American university. The TOEFL test is divided into four sections: reading, listening, speaking and writing. The test can be taken in paper form, by computer or on the Internet. Creating a mock TOEFL test will allow you to give your students practice and preparation for the official version later on.


Step 1

Compose three to five 300-word texts that are informational, such as "Meteorite Impact and Dinosaur Extinction." Create 36 to 70 reading questions that relate to these texts. Each text will have at least 14 questions that will ask what certain words mean in relation to the text, what kind of information can be inferred, and which statements are true or false.

Step 2

Record about two minutes of a conversation or a discussion of a topic onto a cassette or CD. Create at least ten listening questions that relate to the material on the recording. This can range from two students discussing class schedule changes to more in-depth discussions such as the Mt St. Helen's eruption.

Step 3

Create six speaking questions that ask the test taker for his opinion or for what he feels. These questions could range from "What would you do with a million dollars?" to "Do you believe that there is life beyond Earth?" For yes and no questions, ask the test-taker to explain his reasoning.

Step 4

Create a page-long text that deals with a particular subject such as problems with the United States voting system. Record onto a cassette or CD two minutes of someone giving additional information on the subject or a contrasting opinion. Ask the test taker to summarize the points of the listening section and how it is different from or similar to the text. Include space for the test taker to write a response that is at least 150 to 225 words long.

Step 5

Create one question that will ask the test taker to write a response that is at least 300 words long. For example:

"Do you agree with the following statement? 'Money buys happiness.'"

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