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TOEFL Requirements

published by Abaga Osawe

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The TOEFL, or the Test of English as a Foreign Language, has many requirements. Any foreign-language student who would hope to accomplish anything in the test must learn what to expect both before and during the testing process. Proper knowledge and preparation paves the way for more opportunities among English speakers worldwide.


1. The TOEFL test, given by the ETS, or Educational Testing Service, is given to about 600,000 students per year. The results of the TOEFL determine entrance into English institutions of higher education around the world, whether they be colleges or universities. The test is intended to judge spoken and written English proficiency.


2. To take the TOEFL, you must register in advance. This can be done at the ETS website. However, when registering, you must choose between an Internet-based TOEFL and a paper-based TOEFL. The Internet-based test is given 30 to 40 times per year and is 4.5 hours long. The paper-based test is given only six times a year but is 3.5 hours long. The Internet-based test also requires speaking, whereas the paper-based version tests structure and grammar. The cost is around $170, as of 2009.


3. The test itself contains several sections. The Internet-based test has four sections varying in time: reading, primarily from academic works; listening, either to lectures, discussions or conversations; speaking, giving an opinion on certain issues or responding to prompts; and writing, giving an opinion on a prompt or sharing a response from a recording. The paper-based test check listening comprehension, structure and written expression, reading comprehension and writing. These tests engage many of the senses, so you must be able to perform satisfactorily in several areas to achieve success.

What to Bring

4. Several pieces of information are required at each testing site. You must bring identification with your picture, your signature and your name. You must also bring the admission ticket you receive with registration, accompanied by the codes for the schools you want to send the scores to. Bring a signed photo file record and several No. 2 pencils. As is the case with many standardized tests, mechanical pencils are not allowed.


5. There are many testing agencies available to aid you in the TOEFL preparation process. Many offer a variety of options, from classroom teaching to personal tutoring, guided bookwork and online sessions. However, the best preparation will be immersion in the English language. Engage as many English speakers, live or through various forms of media, as possible.

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