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TOEFL or IELTS - Which is Better?

published by Lachezar Kolev

tags: english test, ielts, toefl, (all tags)

origin: TOEFL or IELTS - Which is Better? (

Because universities appetite to accomplish abiding you acquire the English emphasis abilities all-important to abstraction at their school, about all institutes of college acquirements crave you to booty a analysis of English. And TOEFL and IELTS are the two added acceptable connected tests of the English language. One of the best common questions I apprehend is which analysis is easier or which analysis is better. The acknowledgment depends on what kinds of tests you excel at, as able-bodied as breadth you plan to apply. This commodity break bottomward the differences amid the two tests so that you can accomplish your own decision.


The IELTS analysis is administrated by the British Councils, the University of Cambridge, and IELTS Australia. That is to say, it is associated with the British government and commonly was acclimated by British universities, as able-bodied as New Zealand and Australian universities to actuate the emphasis adequacy of adopted students. TOEFL is administered by ETS, a US-based non-profit and is acclimated broadly by American and Canadian universities. However, these days, in adjustment to accomplish it accessible on all-embracing students, universities all over the apple booty both TOEFL and IELTS. While you should analysis with the specific university you appetite to administer to, in accepted any academy in the US, the UK, Australia or New Zealand will booty either analysis score. So that's one anguish off your mind. Aces the analysis you anticipate will be easier for you to complete. To do that, you apparently charge to apperceive the anatomy of anniversary exam.

Structure of the TOEFL

As of aftermost year, official TOEFL is about universally accustomed in the iBT (Internet Based Testing) format. It consists of four sections:


The TOEFL Account breadth asks you to apprehend 4-6 passages of university akin and to acknowledgment multiple-choice questions about them (multiple-choice agency you acquire the acknowledgment from provided options). Questions analysis you on apperception of the text, capital ideas, important details, vocabulary, inferring, articulate accessories and style.


The Active Breadth presents continued 2-3 conversations and 4-6 lectures. The situations are consistently accompanying to university activity i.e. a chat amid a apprentice and a librarian about award analysis abstracts or a abode from a history class. The questions are assorted best and ask you about important details, inferences, tone, and vocabulary. The conversations and lectures are actual accustomed and accommodate breezy English, interruptions, accompaniment noises like "uh" or "Uhm."


The Speaking breadth is recorded. You will allege into a microphone and a grader will acquire to your answers at a afterwards date and brand you. Two questions will be on accustomed capacity and ask you to accord your assessment and/or call article accustomed to you, like your boondocks or your admired teacher. Two questions will ask you to abridge advice from a altercation and a conversation--and may ask your assessment as well. Two questions will ask you to abridge advice from a abbreviate conversation. Again, the capacity of the conversations are consistently university-related.


Finally, there are two abbreviate essays on the TOEFL. One will ask you to abode your assessment on a ample topic, such as whether it is added acceptable to alive in the country or the city. One will ask you to abridge advice from a altercation and a lecture--often the two will disagree with anniversary added and you will charge to either analyze and contrast, or amalgamate adverse information.

IELTS Structure

The IELTS contains the aforementioned 4 sections, Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing, but the architecture is actual different.


The account breadth of the IELTS gives you 3 texts, which may be from bookish textbooks or from a bi-weekly or magazine--but all at the akin of a university student. One will consistently be an assessment piece--i.e. a altercation arguing for one point of view. The array of questions on the IELTS is absolutely broad, and not every altercation will acquire every catechism type. One catechism blazon asks you to bout headings to paragraphs in the text. You may be asked to complete a arbitrary of the access application words from the text. Or you may acquire to ample in a table or blueprint or account with words from the text. There may be multiple-choice questions that ask you about key details. One of the hardest catechism types presents statements and asks you whether these statements are true, apocryphal or not included in the text. You may additionally be asked to bout words and ideas. Finally, some questions are short-answer but the answers will be taken anon from the altercation itself.

Some questions appear afore the altercation and may not crave accurate account to answer. Others appear afterwards the altercation and may apprehend you to acquire apprehend the altercation thoroughly.


The IELTS has four active sections. The aboriginal is a "transactional conversation" in which addition may be applying for article (a driver's license, a library card) or allurement for advice (say calling for added capacity about an advertisement or a hotel). The additional breadth is an advisory abode of some kind, possibly a administrator acknowledgment the rules of the university. Third is a chat in an bookish ambience and the final breadth will be an bookish lecture. For all sections you may be asked to ample out a summary, ample in a table, acknowledgment multiple-choice questions, characterization a diagram or picture, or allocate advice into altered categories. You will be accepted to ample out answers as you listen.


There are two autograph tasks on the bookish IELTS. The aboriginal asks you to abridge a table or blueprint in about 300 words. You will acquire to analyze important information, analyze and adverse altered abstracts or maybe call a process. The additional assignment asks you to present your assessment on a account about a adequately accessible affair such as: "Women should attending afterwards accouchement and not work" or "Too abounding bodies are affective to cities and rural areas are suffering."


Finally, the speaking breadth will be captivated on a altered day from the blow of the analysis and in the attendance of a accomplished interviewer. The questions are the aforementioned for all examinees but some genitalia may be added in the anatomy of a chat than a monologue. The aboriginal allotment of the analysis will be a abrupt anterior chat followed by some abbreviate questions about accustomed topics. The accuser may ask your name, your job, what kinds of sports you like, what your circadian accepted is, and so on. In the additional part, you will be accustomed a agenda with a affair and a few specific questions to address. You will acquire to allege for two account on this topic, which may be about your circadian routine, the aftermost time you went to the movies, your admired allotment of the apple or a agnate accustomed topic. In the aftermost section, the accuser will ask you to altercate a added abstruse ancillary of the affair in allotment 2--why do bodies adopt circadian routines? Why do bodies like the movies? How does biking affect bounded life?

Which is Added acceptable for Me?

So now you acquire some compassionate of what anniversary analysis involves, but you adeptness be apprehensive which is added acceptable for you. Maybe in account about the structure, you thought, "Wow TOEFL sounds so easy," or, "Oh the IELTS sounds like it's affectionate of fun!" That adeptness be a acceptable assurance that one analysis will be easier for you than the other. Added concretely, there are a brace of key differences amid the tests.

British against American English

While both the UK and the US acquire both tests, and while British English and American English are not as altered as some think, the actuality of the amount is the IELTS tends to use British English and the TOEFL uses abandoned American English. On the IELTS, this aberration will acquire a beyond aftereffect because spelling counts and that is one breadth area Britain and the US do not consistently see eye-to-eye. Obviously if you acquire problems with the British emphasis (and the analysis may accommodate a advanced array of accents, including Australian, New Zealand, Irish and Scottish). On the added hand, American accents may bandy you off. Certain agreement are additionally altered and you don't appetite to decay time in your speaking analysis allurement what a collapsed or a lorry is. So whether you are acclimated to British or American English is absolutely a factor. If you are added adequate with US English, the TOEFL is a acceptable bet but if you are acclimated to British English and accents, you'll do added acceptable on the IELTS.

Multiple best against Artful Down

For the account and active sections, TOEFL gives you multiple-choice questions, admitting IELTS about expects you to archetype bottomward words from the altercation or the chat word-for-word. Multiple-choice questions will tend to be crave hardly added acceptable abstruse thinking, but the IELTS favors bodies who acquire acceptable memories and anticipate added concretely. The acceptable affair about multiple-choice is that it is accessible to aces out amiss answers, admitting the acceptable affair about artful bottomward is that the acknowledgment is sitting there in the text. You aloof acquire to acquisition it and echo it. So, accurate thinkers will tend to do added acceptable on the IELTS and abstruse thinkers will tend to excel on the TOEFL.

Predictable or Altered Every Time

Of course, the TOEFL is additionally added anticipated than the IELTS. The IELTS throws lots of altered catechism types at you, and the instructions are generally hardly altered every time. That makes it harder to adapt for. The TOEFL, on the added hand, is appealing abundant the aforementioned analysis every time--pick A, B, C, D, or E. On the added hand, the IELTS absolutely keeps you on your toes and that can accumulate you added alert.

Speaking to a Being or a Computer?

Another ample aberration is in how the speaking breadth is agitated out. For some people, it's actual adequate to aloof almanac your answers into a computer because it feels like no one is listening. You aloof try your best and balloon about it until you get your grades. Because the IELTS analysis is done in an account architecture with a built-in apostle present, you adeptness get afraid or feel you are actuality judged. And they booty notes: Oh God, did he abode bottomward article acceptable or article bad? On the added hand, you adeptness feel added airy in a conversation, with a being there to explain if you don't accept a question, or artlessly accepting a face to attending at, instead of a computer screen. Getting acknowledgment from a built-in apostle can be accessible too, in adjustment to actual mistakes and advance during the test. So it depends on what you are added adequate with. If you like talking to people, the IELTS is a added acceptable bet. If you aloof appetite to be abandoned and not feel judged, the TOEFL will be added adequate for you.

Holistic against Criteria

Finally, the speaking and autograph sections of the TOEFL are graded holistically. The grader gives you a account based on the all-embracing affection of the essay, including vocabulary, logic, style, and grammar. The IELTS by adverse is apparent by alone belief and you are denticulate alone for grammar, chat choice, fluency, logic, cohesion, and a dozen added criteria. In added words, if you abode able-bodied but acquire a lot of baby grammar mistakes, your TOEFL account adeptness be absolutely acceptable because graders will avoid baby mistakes if the all-embracing article is analytic and detailed. The IELTS will not discount bad grammar. On the added hand, if your grammar and cant are able but you acquire agitation cogent your assessment or acclimation an essay, you could end up with a low TOEFL account but the IELTS will accord you acceptable marks for emphasis use. So while it may complete like the IELTS is abundant tougher back it grades you on everything, in actuality you can get absolutely a acceptable account if you are able in a cardinal of areas. The TOEFL emphasizes the adeptness to put calm a analytic and abundant altercation (or summary) and looks at clarity, chat choice, and appearance aloft all. If you don't feel adequate autograph essays but you anticipate you acquire accomplished grammar and cant and all-embracing are a appropriate writer, the IELTS will apparently be easier for you.

I achievement this article was accessible in authoritative your choice. In any case, I acclaim you go to the websites of IELTS and TOEFL and get some added detail on anniversary test, and additionally try out some convenance problems on your own.

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