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TOEFL for Pharmacists

published by Dimitar Kakalov

tags: special toefl, toefl for pharmacy, toefl test, (all tags)

origin: TOEFL for Pharmacists (


Many national pharmacy accreditation boards require that pharmacists get a score of 89 on the iBT, which is almost never a problem for these test takers. Unfortunately, though, pharmacy boards require minimum sub-scores as well (Reading 21, Listening 18, Speaking 26, Writing 24) and most pharmacist find it difficult to impossible to achieve these scores no matter how hard they study.


See our Physical Therapy page for details on how to achieve a 26 on the Speaking section of the iBT.


When your writing has "development," it establishes logical connections from paragraph to paragraph. For example, what is said in paragraph two makes it possible for paragraph three's claims. Development is the opposite of "episodic" writing. The body paragraphs in episodic writing can go in any order because they do not have a continuously developing argument that forces them into a certain order. If your writing lacks development, then it will be hard to score over a 24.


Because accents are so individual and unique (see Physical Therapy for details), and because no two people develop arguments in the same say, it will be very difficult to improve your Speaking and Writing scores by attending a group class, where the teacher has 10-15 other students in the room. This means that you're only getting about 1 minute every hour dedicated to your specific issues. Clearly, this is not enough time. In contrast, Strictly English's 1:1 tutoring dedicates the full hour to only you, allowing you to progress more quickly.

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