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Study Hack: Summarizing articles

published by Annaba Boukhecha

tags: toefl improve, toefl tips, toelf tricks, (all tags)

origin: Study Hack: Summarizing articles (

When you’re preparing for a big exam like the TOEFL, you need to focus on studying efficiently – packing in the most amount of studying in the shortest amount of time. Using verbal summaries (that is, summarizing an article out loud) tests and improves your reading, comprehension, and speaking skills all at once. Talk about a time saver! Here is how you can work verbal summaries into your study routine.
1. Read a short newspaper article, jotting down major points and any new vocabulary words.
2. Put the article aside – if you have a study partner, even better; give it to them.
3. Using the points you’ve made, summarize the article, either to your study partner, outlod to yourself, or consider using a recording device.
4. Go back to your original article; did you cover all the main points? Is there something you could have left out? If necessary, make an edit and try again.

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