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Master the TOEFL Test Writing Section With These Top Tips!

published by Aslihan Turan

tags: tips, toefl writing, (all tags)

origin: Master the TOEFL Test Writing Section With These Top Tips! (

You don't need a crystal ball to identify your weakest TOEFL Test area: it's the writing section.
Maybe that's why so many students worry about acing the writing section.  After all, their English skills have focused so much on actually speaking the language that they neglected their writing.
Does this story sound familiar to you?  You spent all of your time watching American English films and having conversations with native English speakers.  In fact, you were so confident about your abilities to ace the TOEFL exam that you walked into the test center feeling pumped full of confidence.
Maybe that explains why you were so deflated by the dismal TOEFL exam score that greeted you in the mail just a few short months later.
But think about it: if you spent all of your time reading and speaking in English, why exactly did you miss the minimum pass mark?
The answer is simple: it's because you severely underestimated the writing section of the TOEFL test.
When the TOEFL Test Bites Back
I know it's painful, but think back to your own test prep review again.
You may have innocently skipped out on practicing your writing skills simply because you thought that reading and speaking in English would suffice.  After all, it stands to reason that if you can read and speak in English, then your writing skills should accurately reflect this.
Unfortunately, when it comes to TOEFL practice, writing in English is a skill that must be done apart from reading and speaking.  From grammar and spelling rules to the art of developing a 250-word essay, the TOEFL test writing section will require every ounce of your wit, energy and English know-how.
Not to mention the sneaky test prep strategies we're about to reveal to you!
These TOEFL Test Secrets Will Skyrocket Your Success Rate!
Don't let the Test of English as a Foreign Language prevent you from applying to the English-speaking universities and colleges of your dreams…
…Instead, fight back with these TOEFL practice tips that add up to major points!
Whatever you do, do NOT use slang on the writing portion of your TOEFL test.  While slang may have been prolific in English-speaking movies (and even some forms of media), this doesn't mean that you should use it in your essay.  Err on the side of caution by using traditional academic words, as this ensures that you won't lose any precious exam points.
Although contractions aren't grammatically incorrect, it's best to use the full form of the words when jotting down your essay.  It may seem like a minor point to make, but watch out: your examiners will expect nothing less than the best when it comes to your English writing abilities.  Again, caution is key when preserving your precious test points.
Finally, don't fret over choosing the best argument in your essay.  The examiners don't care if you agree or disagree with the essay question; they just want to see your ability to argue in a clear, concise and coherent manner.  Plenty of test takers have lost out on major test points by stressing out about a valid argument, so don't let this happen to you!
To learn more about best TOEFL Test tips, download this free report at right now!

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Master the TOEFL Test Writing Section With These Top Tips!
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