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TOEFL Writing

published by Amir Kamel

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TOEFL iBT Writing
The TOEFL iBT Writing consists of two separate tasks. The first task is called the Writing Independent Task. You will be given a short prompt and asked to write an essay based on that prompt. You will have thirty minutes to write the essay.
The second task is the Writing Integrated Task. In this task ou will read a short passage, listen to a brief lecture on the same subject as the passage, and then write an essay based on the reading and listening exercises. You will have twenty minutes to write this essay.
In the writing section having good organization is the most important thing. Of course, you should have clear ideas and good grammar and vocabulary. But most importantly, your writing should be very well organized. If your ideas are not well organized, you will not get a 3 even if you have excellent grammar and vocabulary.
TOEFL Writing Independent Task
The most important things to remember are:
Have clear organization
Have an original idea and support it with strong points, examples and details
Take a clear stance on the issue presented in the question
Your essay should follow a very simple and direct five-paragraph format
Introduction: Present thesis and an overview of main ideas
Body paragraph: Topic sentence + supporting details
Body paragraph: Topic sentence + supporting details
Body paragraph: Topic sentence + supporting details
Conclusion: Summarize thesis and main ideas
You should make a very quick outline at the top of your paper before you begin writing your essay. This brief outline will help you to get your thoughts clearly organized before you begin writing. This way, you won't get confused as you write, and your essay won't become disorganized.
To get a 4 or 5 on your essay, you should use transition words such as "First, second, third, also, in conclusion, in summary," etc. It is easy to find lists of these transition words: study them carefully and write practice essays and sentences using them. Make sure you use them correctly! They will not help you if you use them in the wrong places.
TOEFL Writing Integrated Task
The writing integrated task will ask you to contrast a reading passage and a listening lecture. The most important thing to remember here is that the listening will always contradict the reading! Always, always, always!!
Even if you do not understand anything you hear in the lecture, you should at least make it clear that you understand that the lecture contradicts the reading. Some students make the mistake of comparing the two, thinking they make similar points: don't make this mistake! The lecture will always contradict the points made in the reading.
You will have three minutes to read and twenty minutes to write. Again, you will want to make an outline before you begin writing.
The most important thing to do to get a good TOEFL score in the writing section is, of course, to write. You will need to be able to write quickly and with very clear organization. Practice, practice, practice. Practice writing an essay on a new topic every day. To practice for the writing integrated essay, choose a topic and find two contrasting opinions on that topic (just like you would do to practice the speaking integrated). Make an outline of the contrasting opinions, like the one given as an example in the tips and strategies above, and then write an essay based on the outline.

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