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Applying for US Universities

published by Osama Allabban

tags: scholarships, (all tags)

origin: Applying for US Universities (

Everyone at one point or another has dreamed about going to college or earning a degree. There are no known centralization admissions systems in the United States, and different US Universities have different standards and criteria for admitting students. Normally for graduate studies each department will hand its own admissions and has its own individual procedures. With that being said it’s nearly impossible for anyone to generalize about admission to US Universities. Any individual who is interested in attending classes at a specific University should always check with them directly including the department they are interested in studying. Many University websites can supply you with much of the information that you may need.
Keeping that in mind there normally basic guidelines for US Universities on how to apply or what key information to look for.There will be different kinds of documents that you will need depending on what kind of degree you are going after. So what kind of documents will you need in order to attend US Universities for an undergraduate study or bachelor’s degree?
You will first need an application or enrollment form which normally can be submitted via electronic form or printed from their website and mailed in. Most application forms ask for personal information including work experience and academic background. You may also be asked for a resume or timeline for the US Universities to see what you have been doing with your time since you completed your secondary school.  You may also be asked to prepare an essay to explain why you want you chose to study at select US Universities and more about who you are as a person and what you want to achieve by your studies. You will need to provide your previous transcripts which can show your grades from any secondary or Universities that you have attended in the past which should be translated into English. Letters of recommendation are always important and may be necessary. They should be written by previous teachers or professors.
Most US Universities require the IELTS or TOEFL for those individuals who have never studied English before. They will need to provide official certificates from an organization that administers the tests. They may also require the SAT or other tests that are based around your language skills, math skills, and writing skills.
You may also be asked for a resume or timeline for the US Universities to see what you have been doing with your time since you completed your secondary school. As simple as it sounds you should always list new acquired skills such as learning to play a new instrument, new hobbies, volunteer work, or anything else that shows that you are a motivated person.
In the end whether or not you are accept to select US Universities can vary on many things depending on your location, your grades, TOEFL score, your application, and just what kind of first impression the admission workers get from you. There will be several factors that will be considered before you will be granted admissions so patience is the biggest thing you will need to keep during the entire process.

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