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What Can You Expect in TOEFL Test

published by Philipp Schrob

tags: toefl, toefl news, toeic, (all tags)

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It's important to adopt an effective preparation routine to ace your TOEFL test. You are advised to read a wide range of books, take plenty of online practice tests, learn to converse in English proficiently, and so on. But before you start cramming for the test, it's important to know the structure of TOEFL and to find out how test takers are being evaluated. Once you know what to expect and what is expected of you, you will find it easier to prepare for the exams.

1) Structure of the reading section

You will be given three to five reading passages in the reading section followed by a list of comprehension questions regarding the passages. Be prepared that some of these questions require you to fill out a table or complete a narrative summary. Test takers are expected to show that they understand what the question requires of them and that they know how to analyse the meaning of the passages.

2) Structure of the listening section

The listening section consists of two to three conversations that take place between two or more speakers. You will be allowed to take notes while listening. This section aims to test your ability to understand the speakers' attitude and meaning.

3) Structure of the writing section

The writing section is made up of two parts. The first is the reading/listening/writing task. There will be an academic reading followed by a lecture. You will then be required to relate the key points discussed during the lecture to the academic reading. During the test, the reading passage will be flashed on the projector before being momentarily removed during the lecture. The passage will then be flashed again while you work on the question.

There will also be another question on a topic you are familiar with. You are then expected to explain your response by using personal knowledge and experience. Test takers who are able to write clearly and concisely will score well in this section.

4) Structure of the speaking section

In this section, test takers have to show that they understand the materials given and are able to make connections as well as convey the information required. The speech delivered should also be clear and precise with the correct use of grammar.

There are six parts in this section. Two of these parts are based on topics that you are familiar with. Similar to the writing section, you will be required to explain and support your response with personal knowledge and experience. You will be doing so orally in this section.

The next two questions include both listening and reading materials. The situation of the first question will be based on campus, while the other will be based on an academic classroom. Test takers will use both of these materials to answer the given questions.

These questions will be followed by a listening material, consisting of a short lecture or conversation. You will be required to summarise the key ideas from the talks.

Now that you know what to expect on your test day, you will be able to start on your actual preparation. Keep in mind what is expected of you while practising for your TOEFL, it will go a long way in helping you be mentally ready.

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