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New format - TOEFL iBT Speaking questions

published by Daniel G

tags: new format, toefl ibt speaking, toefl test, (all tags)

origin: New format - TOEFL iBT Speaking questions (

I agree that there is definitely some change in the speaking pattern. First, I have experienced the change on Jan 30. It was like:

Which of these A, B, C would you not like.......

Second, I have experience it again this Saturday (on April 10th). This time it was like:

For the first question:

Which one of the following do you choose as a career and why?
Choice A
Choice B
Choice C

For the second question:

Which one of the following do you prefer and why?

Choice A
Choice B
Choice C

Hope this helps!

This is definitely new type of format for the first two questions. I was also surprised to look at the new pattern. Nevertheless, I did well and Hopefully I will get through this time by the grace of God Almighty. The horse is made ready for the day of battle but the victory belongs to God.

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New format - TOEFL iBT Speaking questions
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Cactus (22/08/11 18:07)

Now I feel stupid. That's claeerd it up for me

sdafa (14/12/12 04:39)


fda (14/12/12 04:39)


Fill in all fields, please.

smile  sad  razz  biggrin
mad  cool  confused  redface
cry  rolleyes  twisted  eek


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