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Writing essay


Writing essay

What is the length of a good writing essay? Isn't it better to be concise.


Im not sure what is the best number of words used ...

Im not sure what is the best number of words used in the essay, having in mind that there is a word counter there should be one. But I don't think it's good idea to be very concise. They have to find your word power somehow


Good TOEFL Essay

There are two types of TOEFL writing tasks included in the exam - integrated TOEFL writing and independent TOEFL writing. The independent writing task is the one we know as an essay task - in written you should answer a straightforward question, without being given texts to read or sounds to listen.

For the essay task there is a word limit which is approximately 300 words. A good TOEFL essay shoud have the following features:
1. To be related to the question, meaning to answer the question that is asked.
2. To convey with an ease the ideas the author wants to be presented.
3. To have good reasoning and supporting.
4. To prove good command of English.
5. To be well structured - introduction, 2/3 body paragraphs, conclusion - all of them have internal structure.
6. And everything should be included within the word limit - which is approximately 300 words and be written in no more than 30 minutes. If one excesses the word limit considerably, for example 400 words, the reader (the rater in that particular situation) would draw a line after the 300 words and will only read what is above the line. He’d also only evaluate what is above the line which will represent not completed essay and which will lack valuable parts of it. So, the mark is likely to be not the one you expect.

More detailed explanation of a good TOEFL essay you may find on our sections: Learning Center and also TOEFL Test Taking Strategies.

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