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Speaking section


Speaking section

I have some questions about the exam. When I'm answering an independent question, I stuck with the problem concerning organizing my speech. Do I need to state every reason (ex. I like this food for two reasons. Firstly, Secondly...) or I can simply imply, that the statement is a reason (ex. The happiest memory of my life was the one when my brother took me out. I was very excited because he never used to spend time with me before).
I'm also concerned about the integrated task: when I took speaking mini-test your site provides, the scorer commented, that I wasn't able to express all the major points of the lecture about Burmanian pythons, while the task clearly stated, that I need to explain why this creatures are dangerous using the material from the lecture. The point I missed was about the size of the python, which has nothing to do with the task. When I am taking a real TOEFL, do I need to give summary of the lecture no matter what, or it would be better to stick to the question.
Thank you


Dear Efirnoe, ...

Dear Efirnoe,
thank you for the questions. In connection to the Integrated questions, it is always a good idea to use linking words, not so much to indicate that you are stating a reason, but because discourse markers make the response more organized and coherent - the listener follows your train of thought more easily.
As for the second issue, the Integrated questions, you must make sure you answer the question by choosing the information from the lecture that is relevant. As for the specific task you mentioned from the mini test, the rater was right to comment that the size is an important point, because the size of the snakes makes them even more dangerous to both humans and other animals.
I hope that was helpful.
Kind regards,
i-Courses Team

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