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online toefl preparation


online toefl preparation

I am going to apply for toefl online preparation, I'd like to know
about the price and duration of the course. How should I be accepted
to the course, and my schedule?

Best regards,


Online TOEFL preparation

Hi Zoir,
Well, the Online TOEFL course is entirely Internet based. You can start it any time and its duration depends entirely on you. We have formally distributed the course content into 30 days but if you wish you can take it in a slower pace ot take it faster. The content is distributedas follows, one week for each component- reading, listening, speaking and writing. At day one you take an entrance test to see what is yourentrance level and you start with the reading. After each section you take a section testand after the course you take a full test.

I hope this answer yourquestion. If you neef further help, please feel free to contact us.


Mr stan

Please I want to know more about this course,how do I pay for the course and can you send me the course schedule for this year and when to start the course on line because am interested and desire to take toefl exam asap.

Thank you so much and God bless you.


Online TOEFL Course

Hi Richstan,
You can Pay for the Online TOEFL Course through PayPal. In order to do so you need to go to our webpage, visit the section with Online TOEFL courses and on the table down the screen choose the Full TOEFL course. When you do so the system will ask you to create an account. With this account you will access your course later on when you have purchased it. Together with account creation you will be sent to the payment page. When you pay you will be able to start the course immediately.

Full TOEFL course description is available on the TOEFL Course page on our website. Please, visit the page and read it carefully.


can you please tell me how many section testand ...

can you please tell me how many section testand you will give us?


The structure of Online TOEFL Course

Dear Paj1234,
The full info about the Online TOEFL Course is available at the TOEFL Course section at the bottom of the page under the "About the course" link. However, here is in short how it is organized:

The TOEFL Course is provisioned to be taken in 30 days. Nonetheless, one can take it faster or slower depending on the time and effort put into the study.

The course has 3 main study streams - (1) TOEFL study material where every question is explained in details, (2) TOEFL training sections where the students are given the option to make exercises on the study material for the day and (3) Scored TOEFL tests.

The TOEFL Course starts with a Pre-test where the candidate's language abilities are tested and he/she is introduced the TOEFL format. This test is scored.

Each of the TOEFL sections is given 7 days of TOEFL study and TOEFL training within the course. It ends with a scored TOEFL section test. The course ends with a full and Scored TOEFL Practice test taken in the last day of the course.

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