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i am a Upper-Intermediate


i am a Upper-Intermediate

hello everyone, as the title said i am a Upper-Intermediate and i'll taking the IBT toefl test in two month. I sometimes feel that I don't have enough english to take the test, but i have taken some online test and I gotten an 85 like avarage (upper-intermediate). do you think that i am able to take the Toefl?


TOEFL from Upper Intermediate level

Dear yilter,
TOEFL is a test with NO fail mark. This means that when you take the TOEFL you will get just a result, let's say 60 or 72, or 90 but not more than 120 which is the maximum score. So, you can always take TOEFL no matter what is your English level but the result you will obtain will vary according to your English level and may not satisfy your needs. Therefore, the first question you need to find an answer to is what would be your TOEFL target result. If you need for example in between 80-90 points on TOEFL you can sit for it after Upper Intermediate level provided you complete a good TOEFL course. You can always have a look at the Online TOEFL course we offer. It is completely online based and it is a combination between self study, general practice after each lesson and realistic tests.

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