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How is your TOEFL test different from other tests


How is your TOEFL test different from other tests

Hi May I know how are your paying Toefl tests/assessment different from the other online Toefl tests offered free?


How is your TOEFL test different from other tests

Taking our tests means you are put in a situation like at the real exam. Our tests are the closest to the real exam not only based on the content but also based on the interface we use. So, when you take our tests you would expect to get something very similar when you sit for the TOEFL exam.

We also score all sections from the tests. Not only reading and listening are scored but also speaking and writing. Real TOEFL teachers are employed to review, score and give feedback. The feedback itself is organized in a manner to help you improve on your result. We don't just point out the mistakes and weaknesses but we give you advice how to improve your TOEFL skills.

I hope this is helpful.

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