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how can I get my scores and their explanation


how can I get my scores and their explanation

hi, I took the test at the end section of the reading. It didn't tell me my scores, and I only answered passage one, and it is not allowing me to go through the other two passages. How can I get the score and how do I know the explanation of my wrong answers???


TOEFL reading course

Dear fadwa1234,
From what I can see in the administration you have started the course and you completed part of the first reading test included into your TOEFL course. In order to see your results from this test you need to complete it in whole but not only part of it as it is now. To continue with the test you need to login to the course and click on the particular day when the test was taken (day 1, 2, 3 and etc.). I suppose it was in day 1? Mind you that most of the days have more than one page study or testing material so you need to check the paging at the bottom. Your reading test might not be located on the first page so that you are unable to see it. When you find it just click the button continue the test and you will be given the testing software to finish it.

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