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Questions & Answers


A new payment method for our TOEFL products

Here are some good news for our clients. We have just added a new way to pay for our TOEFL and IELTS products (IELTS is about to be launched soon).

We have added an option for direct credit card ...

Type: TOEFL Technical Questions
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I can't get a new password

I can't get a new password. i am positive my username is ElenaDospina and my email address is correct (i can email it to u if necessary) however when i am trying to get a password it says "try again, ...
DiKaKo: Dear ElenaDospina,
We checked our registers but there was no such a record. We couldn't find a ...

Type: TOEFL Technical Questions
Replies: 1
Views: 1095

Microphone is unable to capture my response


I have enrolled for TOEFL complete preparation course and while taking the pre-assessment test I couldnt record my response on speaking section. I checked if my system is working correctly and ...
admin1: Dear abhishekshakwala,
I believe I have responded to your message in a different post. However, ...

Type: TOEFL Technical Questions
Replies: 1
Views: 783

TOEFL test online

Is there any possibility to pass the toefl online? If yes, kindly indicate the link to apply for the test. I will start my course in September and could not pass the test locally. Thank you in ...
admin1: Dear Kouki2009,
The new generation TOEFl exam is entirely internet based (iBT - internet based ...

Type: TOEFL Technical Questions
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Trouble buying test


I just purchased full toefl ibt test which cost $29.95.
I supose I will have a link so that I can access and do my test. But I don't have any link or any test ready for me??? I am ...
DiKaKo: Dear badhong16,
In order to purchase a TOEFL test you need to create an account in our testing ...

Type: TOEFL Practice Tests Questions
Replies: 1
Views: 755

University admission

I am interested to do your I-course to help me out in profiling for graduate admissions with Institute of International Studies in California for joint Masters of Public Administration/International ...
admin1: Dear student,
Our products are preparation tests and courses for TOEFL iBT. In order
to get ...

Type: General TOEFL questions
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I cannot buy the online TOEFL IBT course ($99). What is the reason of this issue?
DiKaKo: Dear Svitlana,
Could you please give us more details on what exactly the problem is? Is it the ...

Type: TOEFL 30-day course questions
Replies: 1
Views: 848

How many different test do you have.

I am studying for toefl.

It will take some time and i will need to take full toefl tests.

Is this "4 full tests" all you have?

What if i take them all. Can you provide more tests?

DiKaKo: Dear Rasheedunique,
We have 4 full TOEFL test and 2 mini TOEFL tests. In addition we have a ...

Type: TOEFL Practice Tests Questions
Replies: 1
Views: 731

is this a one time payment or not?

i want to buy the full test but i am wondering how it works
if its a one time payment for the full test and i can practice with that all i want ? or
if its a one time payment for a one time ...
DiKaKo: Dear GilCruz,
Our TOEFL tests are really close to what you will get on the actual TOEFL exam. ...

Type: General TOEFL questions
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low intermediate

Hi, my name is Mohamud and I am from Somalia I came across your
website as i was looking for online toefl learning. i would like to know about payment how to purchase this course and other process i ...
DanGeo: Dear Mohamud,
our course is done only online, we do not send our books or any materials on hard ...

Type: General TOEFL questions
Replies: 1
Views: 836