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ETS hit for delayed score reporting


origin: ETS hit for delayed score reporting (

TOEFL administer fails to provide clear explanation
By Kim Bo-eun
Complaints from TOEFL test-takers are flooding in because of a delay in scores issued by the U.S.-based institution that administers the test.
The Educational Testing Service (ETS) posted on its website Aug. 29 that the results of the TOEFL taken on Aug. 19 would not be announced as scheduled and that the scores would be available instead by Sep. 7. It also sent e-mails informing the test-takers about the change.
TOEFL is the Test of English as a Foreign Language administered by ETS.
Scores for TOEFL are usually reported on the ETS website around 10 days after the test is taken. So the date the test-takers should have received their scores was Aug. 29.
Not only was the announcement made late, the institution also didn’t provide any explanation.
As complaints continued to stream in, ETS made an official apology Tuesday.
“We are sorry about causing inconveniences and offer our sincere apologies. We will make sure that the scores will be reported on Sep. 7,” an official at the institution said.
But still ETS declined to comment on the cause of the delay. People are assuming it was due to the increased workload from the holiday on Labor Day which fell on Sep. 3 this year.
Among the takers on the Aug. 19 test, there were applicants for universities and graduate schools, and for overseas student exchange programs, all of which the deadline to submit forms is early September.
“I am so screwed. I need my score by Sept. 6 or by the latest Sept. 7. If I don’t have my scores by then, I am going to have to prepare for another year to go to university. I wish there was something I could do,” said a post on a TOEFL related online community.
But whether test-takers will be able to be compensated for the inconveniences remains unclear, as the ETS has not mentioned anything about it so far.
“When I heard about the delay, I was dumbfounded. The deadline for applying for the overseas exchange program is Sept. 5. What really angers me is the fact that the ETS didn’t even seem to have a proper reason for the delay. They are so irresponsible,” said another.
This is not the first time this year that test-takers have experienced inconveniences from improper administration by the ETS.
“Last time there was a server crash. Why is it that the ETS has so many problems while we pay so much to take a test?” a test-taker posted.
On May 26, there was a server crash at the start of the TOEFL test which had left test-takers remaining idle for several hours. Although they were able to take the test after the two hours, many of the test-takers had already left, and had been unable to take the test on their preferred dates.
The delay was the result of a server crash based in the U.S.
At that time, test-takers denounced the institution for causing inconveniences as TOEFL scores usually need to be submitted to schools or companies by a deadline.

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