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Second TOEIC® seminar organised by ALC, ETS Preferred Associate (EPA) in Algeria


origin: Second TOEIC® seminar organised by ALC, ETS Preferred Associate (EPA) in Algeria (

The second TOEIC® seminar organised by ETS Preferred Associate (EPA) in Algeria, ALC (Algerian Learning Centers), took place last October 16 to 18 in Algiers, with the presence of Pascal Mévellec, ETS Global’s Executive Director, Sales & Fulfillment and Eve Benassi-Arias, Sales Development Manager.
The main goal was to promote the TOEIC® Tests and to introduce English Discoveries Online (EDO),ETS’s newest Blended English Learning solution, to public and private universities, corporate organisations and students.
The first of several presentations was held at the INSIM (Institute International de Management), where the Management Members expressed great interest in the implementation of the new EDO solution, as well in the usage of theTOEIC® Listening and Reading test as an exit criterion for their students.
The EHEC (École des Hautes Études de Commerce) was the scenario for the subsequent meetings during that day, where the idea of using the TOEIC® tests andEDO e-learning solution for their 400 students was eagerly welcomed.
Corporate organisations were the key focus during the second day. Meetings were held at the ESAA (École supérieure algérienne des affaires) in the form of presentations and workshops, and including live demonstrations ofEDO. Human Resources Directors and Training & Mobility Managers of Lafarge Algérie, Pfizer, Falcon Motors, Banque d’Algérie, ONA (Office National de l’Assainissement),  and ATM Mobilis, besides others, participated in the event. Algerian Army Corps representatives also attended and appreciated to learn more about ETS Global’s successes in this field. The hosting partner of ALC also expressed a genuine interest in theEDO solution and theTOEIC® tests for their 800 students.
The last meeting at ENP (École Nationale Polytechnique) gathered 150 participants. Students, Representatives of Bakeur-Hugues, the Vice-Rector of Medea University and the Vice-rector of ENTP (École Nationale des Travaux Publiques) were welcomed by Mr Boubakeur, Deputy Director Responsible for Continuous Education and International Relations.
An after-event gathering allowed all students for a Q&A session in a casual setting. The Human Resources Director from Bakeur-Hughes - a leading supplier of oilfield services, products, technology and systems to the worldwide oil and natural gas industry- expressed her concern to find English speaking trainees at her company, and encouraged the students to take into consideration the importance of English-language proficiency for better career opportunities
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ETS Global serves 80 countries across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa offering a range of ETS products, services and learning solutions, including English-language assessments, standardised assessments, training and consulting.
With headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands ETS Global has offices in France, Poland, the United Kingdom, Jordan, Korea and China, and supports the ETS subsidiary office in Canada.

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