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Top Universities in Belgium Proffers Excellent Opportunities for Intellectuals


origin: Top Universities in Belgium Proffers Excellent Opportunities for Intellectuals (

Students are throwing everything in, when it comes to studying abroad. Unlike yester years, when study abroad destination referred to the states; now a day scholars are exploring other options such as Asian and European countries. Among the European countries, Belgium is fast emerging as a superior study abroad destination for intellectuals.
The vivacious and sophisticated societal scene at Belgium augmented with multicultural, multi ethnic and multi linguistic atmosphere makes it a perfect place for foreigners to pursue their higher education. The sparkling and pleasurable type of weather n this part of the continent makes your stay even more satisfying. It also has a strongly globalized economy and is among the 15 largest trading nations. In spite of the cultural, language and political barricades, Belgium boasts of a shared cultural sphere wherein everyone can acclimatize straight forwardly. This nation is also renowned for its cuisine which will surely tickle your taste buds; most famous being French fries (this originated in Belgium), beer, chocolate and waffles.
Belgium is also known for diamonds, its thriving fashion industry and shipping. Scholars who are eager to pursue PhD programs will love to study in Belgium as it is abode to some of the most advanced research laboratories (notably in the field of information technology, nanotechnology, life sciences, etc.). The international standard of teaching at the top universities in Belgium will surely sweep you off your feet. The infrastructure aspect of Belgium is highly sophisticated with a plethora of shopping malls, pubs, sports centers, movie theatres, etc. The sheer number of courses offered at Belgian institutes will amaze you as they proffer under graduate and post graduate courses pertaining to disciplines such as physiotherapy, sciences, language and literature / history, archeology and art science, psychology, theology, philosophy, medico-social health sciences, dentistry, law, economics and applied economics, physical education and educational sciences, medical sciences, political and social sciences, pharm
aceutical sciences, engineering and applied biological sciences.
One needs to score aptly in TOEFL to display his/ her English fluency to get admitted into Belgian institutions. One should also consult Belgian embassy in one’s country before pulling off the admission procedures. In Belgium, it is compulsory to register yourself with the local admin pertaining to your local address. It is highly advisable to do a bit of intricate research on the World Wide Web, before chipping in for the whole study abroad stuff as it will make you clear on aspects such as relevant paper work required, etc. The cost of living in Belgium is pretty reasonable with urban areas being slightly pricier than the countryside. Something like 550 – 650 €/month will let you adjust accommodation, food, utility bills and travel.
Tuition fee pricing is utterly levelheaded at approximately €500 per year.  But intellectuals can apply for study in Belgium scholarships as there are a no. of institutions like Flemish Inter University Council (VLIR), The Belgian Development Cooperation, Royal Museum of Central Africa, and Institute for Tropical Medicine etc. proffering financial aids.

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