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What our students say about us and our products.
Arvind Vijayakumar, India (06/09/10)
The tests were good.It gave me a idea of the area i had to work on.

Thais Gurgel, Brazil (04/09/10)
Is a very good material...
The explanations are very detailed!!

Sahil Gadimbayli, Azerbaijan (16/08/10)
İ think it is very good.The comprehensive information about our mistakes are given directly.

Enrique Salinas, United States (21/07/10)
Very good excellent feedback. I'm trying to address the points to improve you have highlighted.

laura rebours, France (09/07/10)
Thank you very much for your explanations. They were relevent, helped me improve my practice, I received them quickly and were very clear. I simply regret that the corrector didn't understand there was a problem with the mic (recordings were cut) so my marks on this task doesn't help me much ! Thank you anyway. I highly recommend this website to practice toefl and have a good idea on what your level is !

sandra ochoa, Mexico (26/06/10)
thank you for your evaluation it was very helpful!

Ivelina Koleva, Bulgaria (16/06/10)
I believe the tests are good, but what makes them better than the others is that the Speaking and Writing sections are, of course, evaluated by someone else and not yourself! Broad and extremely helpful explanation is then offered.
I have to say that from the numerous tests I did before doing those last two, I was left with the impression my reading and listening skills are rather good. I haven't been completely satisfied with the results scored on those tests. I found it that answers were in 80% of the questions rather tricky- especially the ones in the listening section. In many of the questions there would be two answers that would look almost identical, thus, sometimes imposing a very difficult (time-limited) choice! Reading texts were not as easy either as some of them, i.e. the financial text, was almost impossible for me to understand at some parts! Consequently, the vocabulary questions consisted of completely unknown words many of the time.
This is not necessarily bad though, I just think it makes the tests a level more difficult than the actual TOEFL iBT. Topics of the speaking and writing section were what I expected more or less. Overall, tests are good, maybe with a bit of a higher reading and listening difficulty. Hopefully this, on the other hand, will make it much easier on the actual test!

atef tanious, United Arab Emirates (14/05/10)
test is almost equal to the the strength of actual test

Raiko Rojas, United States Virgin Islands (11/05/10)
test is very helpful and too close to real toefl and the results are pretty good and help me understand my weakness

Esra Yildirim, Turkey (07/05/10)
The evaluation was way more detailed than I was expecting. Thank you very much!

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Take first-hand experience on TOEFL iBT. Scoring for Reading and Listening only. Speaking and Writing Sections are not scored in the sample test.

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